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Tulip Fabric Markers are a super easy way to personalize your clothing, accessories, décor, and so much more.  We're sharing 20 cool DIYs to get your creativity kickstarted to doodle, design, trace, stencil and so much more with these markers.  Grab a pack of Tulip Fabric Markers and get inspired for an afternoon of coloring.

What you need:

Tulip Fabric Markers come in a wide variety of tips and colors.  From brush tip to dual tip and opaque, there's a marker perfect for all your creative projects.  See the full selection here.

Mandala doodles with Alisa Burke - so artful!  Get the deets on this DIY on her blog.

Canvas make great surfaces for Tulip Fabric Markers – make your own stencil easily! Get the DIY here.

BFF friends shirts are so much cooler when using Tulip Fabric Markers. Make your own with this tutorial.

Geometric designs are so easy when you use a ruler.   Find directions for this tote here.

It's Always Autumn shares this easy DIY for dressing up a plain tee with Fabric Markers.

Transform a journal with tape and Fabric Markers...get the tutorial from A Beautiful Mess here.

From your lips to your toes, make a statement using Tulip Fabric Markers. Get the how-to for these high-tops here.

Doodle your heart using Tulip Fabric Markers and your fave motif - from emojis to junk food to cats, personalize your designs easily like Trinkets in Bloom did here on her Paris tee.

Fill in your fave coloring book shirts using Tulip Fabric Markers.  If you're a doodler like A Girl and a Glue Gun is here, design your own coloring book page for your kids and let them fill it in!

Pop your collar with color and recreate this watercolor effect easily with Tulip Fabric Markers. Get the tutorial here.

Our Tulip  opaque Fabric Markers look amazing on light or dark fabrics and surfaces.  Get the how too for these journal covers here.

Who needs an actual necklace when you can draw your own. Add your fave charms, chains, and beads with Tulip Fabric Markers. Get the how-to here with Trinkets in Bloom.

Turn your shoes into a work of art using your creativity and Tulip Fabric Markers like these sugar skull kicks from Dream a Little Bigger.

Create an inked look on your tee using black fabric markers. See how Trinkets in Bloom transformed her tee here.

Baby onesies are the perfect canvas for Tulip Fabric Markers.  These are perfect to create at your next baby shower to make for the mom-to-be.  Get the how-to with Welcome to the Mouse House.

Get a cool geometric look using Tulip Fabric Markers, water, and tape like this design you can create in an afternoon. Find project here.

Any fabric looks great with freehand doodles like this design created on a dressform.  For a fun look, use a rainbow of colors to draw out your design.

Add an artful touch to your tee with hand drawn design over top of watercolor effects you create with the Fabric Markers.  Get the tutorial here for this feather tee.

Decorate your kicks in cute pineapple designs like these fun shoes from Flamingo Toes.

Stencils and Tulip Fabric Markers are the perfect pair to create a cool back to school or everyday tote.  Find this tutorial from Morena's Corner.

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August 22, 2017