3 Creative Ways to Dye Your Knitted Cowl


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One of my favorite things about winter and spring is being able to sport scarves and cozy cowls all season long; they make such a great accessory to just about any outfit, whether I'm dressed for work or for brunch with friends! I also have a thing about variety ... I need it! Every day is a new opportunity to sport a whole new look! I don't knit (luckily I have friends who do), but what I can do is tie dye, and thanks to tie dye, I can create all kinds of cowls in a variety of color schemes to go with all of my outfits! Scroll through to check out three different ways you can custom dye a cowl with Tulip® Custom ColorLab dyes and cotton yarns.

What you need:

- Tulip® Custom ColorLab Dyes
- Tulip® Custom ColorLab cotton yarn OR 100% cotton cowls

This striped cowl was knitted from pre-dyed yarn ... So fun! Check out how easy it is to dye your skein before knitting your cowl:

Carefully unravel your skein, then submerge it in clean water (or rinse it under the faucet) and wring out the excess water. Lay the damp skein out in an oval shape on a covered work surface and use several small strands of yarn to tie around the skein in several places to keep in intact.

Mix up your yarn dyes according to the package instructions, then apply one color to one half of the skein and one color to the other half. Once you're happy with your dye saturation, wrap the skein in plastic and let it set for 6 to 8 hours or longer for most intense colors. Follow instructions for laundering your skein. 

I love ombre dye effects on just about everything! This bright color combo calls for an outfit of neutrals with a few bright pops of coordinating colors to tie the whole look together. Create this dip-dyed look on a pre-knitted cotton cowl in just a few easy steps:

Mix up your dyes and pour into separate jars or bowls. Dampen the cowl and wring out the excess water, then dip half of the cowl in one of the containers with dye. Remove it from the dye, flip it over and dip the other half into the other color of dye. Remove the cowl from the second container with dye and lay it flat on a covered work surface. Tip: Placing the cowl on a cooling rack helps prevent the dye from pooling underneath the fabric and potentially mixing the colors where you don't want them mixed. Cover with plastic wrap and let set for 6 to 8 hours or longer. Rinse and launder the cowl according to care instructions in the dye packaging.   

If you're in more of a whimsical mood, why not try out a traditional tie-dye technique like sunburst on your knitted cowl? All you need is a few rubber bands and some fun dye colors!

Pinch sections of your cowl and bind with a rubber band, then dampen with water and wring out. Place damp cowl on a covered work surface (tip: using a cooling rack will help keep your project from sitting in pooled dye) and apply one dye color to tips and another dye color to the remainder of cowl. Cover with plastic and let set 6 to 8 hours, then launder according to care instructions. 

Three easy ways to keep your style fresh for spring! Are you feeling inspired yet??? How would you style your cowls?

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