3 Fun Giftables for the Girl Who Loves Coffee


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The search for the perfect girly gift can oftentimes be a challenge, especially when the lovely lady you're buying for is a new friend or already has everything she needs! If she loves coffee (or tea), then you're in luck, because we have some fun DIY gift ideas that she'll love! Even better, rather than hitting a busy shopping center, you can get creative in the comfort of your own home with PaintedbyMe™ Bake At Home Ceramic products:

Polka dots and quote art are always a win, as far as we're concerned. Bright colors and a catchy saying make this mug a MUST HAVE for any girl who must have caffeine first thing in the morning! Pair polka dot stencils with fun freehand styles on the Round Mug, then stock it with coffee packets, chocolate and other goodies for extra points.

This adorable Tea Mug is sure to capture the heart of the gal who loves all things girly! Decorated with the Amour stencil and stuffed with a notebook for doodles and daydreaming, glitzy accessories, makeup brushes and more, she'll swoon over this mug full of creative goodness.

This mug is good enough for royalty! Perfect for the lady who loves the finer caffeinated beverages in life, decorate the Tall Mug with a mix of stencils and freehand designs, then add gold accents and some sort of sweet treat to satisfy her sophisticated palette.

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July 23, 2015