Aleene's® Spray Acrylic Sealer™

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Aleene's® Spray Acrylic Sealer™ provides a clear, protective finish for your projects! Formulated for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, use Spray Acrylic Sealer to protect paper, bisque, plaster, painted surfaces, wood, glass and metal. The Matte formula adds a non-glossy protective finish.

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5/10/2014 2:16:43 PM

Just Ruined Current Project

I am extremely disappointed with this product. The information on this states that it can be used on painted items as well as on metal. Yet, within 60 seconds of me spraying this on painted metal, it literally cracked every bit of painting! All of my money, time and effort that I had already put into this project just went down the tubes! I do not recommend this product!