Crafty Chica® Decorate Your Own Empowerment Guardian™

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Empowerment Guardians are just the beginning of a wonderful creation – the final result is up to you and your powerful imagination. So embellish at will, and think majestic and inspirational thoughts. Paint her, dip her in glitter, decoupage her with fabric or paper, glue on flowers or cover her in crystals. The possibilities are endless! Keep her on your desk, next to your computer or with your art collection. Even better, if you have a friend or family member who has gone above and beyond – make a Guardian in her honor and give it to her. This is a fantastic project to work on with friends … make one for each other or donate to a local charity art auction. Each guardian is 12” tall and made of papier-mâché (80% paper/20” plaster). Divine Inspiration Saint There seems to be a Guardian for every cause or concern, so why not personalize your own? Think of an area in your life where you could use a little divine intervention or some inspiration in solving a problem and use your Empowerment Guardian as encouragement! Your saint could be for something as simple (or not so simple) as “The Saint of Bobbin Threading” or “Saint of Hard-to-Remove Stains.” Wish Granter Saint We could all use a little help in the wish-granting department, and since we’re not so far away from our days of “Wishing Upon a Star,” use this Wish Granter as a daily visual reminder of what your hopes and dreams are. Name her something like “Saint of a New Job” or “Saint of my First House.” Queen Women today juggle work, family, our homes and everything in between. We are the gurus of multitasking. Therefore, we need an art piece to remind us that we are regal, worthy rulers and leaders. Embrace this concept by glamming up this crown-wearing diva and naming her after your ultimate achievement, like the “Queen of Lasagna.” Angel We could all use an angel looking over our shoulder. Now you can personalize one, just for you. Think of an area in your life where you could use a bit of guidance, and then embellish your angel to fit. Name her something close to your heart, such as the “Guardian Angel of my Children.”

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