DIY Cupcake Ornaments


Wahoo! I don't know about you but I am super excited about Christmas being right around the corner. Yes, I do celebrate Thanksgiving but not in the normal way. Last night I took down all of my Christmas decorations from the attic and my goodness I was overwhelmed. But once I put my cupcake tree up everything got better.  

Let's go make some Cupcake Christmas Ornaments! 


What you'll need:
* Tulip Slick Fabric Paint in Neon Colors
*Scribbles Red Paint
*Glue Glun
*Christmas Ornaments (colors work best)
*Baker's Twine
*Cupcake Liner
I am in love with these neon colors. Sometimes I like to throw in colors that are not the traditional Christmas colors. 
The first thing you will do is put hot glue either in your cupcake liner or on the actual ornament. Place the ornament inside of the liner while the glue is still hot.  You can use any color ornaments that you want for this project. 
 Grab your Tulip slick fabric paint and fill in the top of the ornament to look like icing. Grab another color and make tiny lines on the wet icing to resemble sprinkles. 
 Get your red scribbles paint and cover the top of the ornament.
 When you are done let them dry over night. The next day cut little pieces of baker's twine then pass them through the top of ornament. You will be able to hang them from a tree now. 
I am absolutely in love with these! I made sure to do enough to fill up my entire gold tree. Let's be real. You can't just have 2 cupcake ornaments.  
I hope you enjoyed this project and you make 5 dozen! Just think how cute it would be if you made someone these and gave them out as a "dozen cupcakes." How stinking cute! See you in the next post!
 Huge glittery hugs, JADE
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