Floral Puffy Paint Easter Eggs

Here comes Peter Cottontail. He is hopping down the bunny trail. Is your house ready? Do you have those eggs decorated for your kids pre-school class? Do you need a craft for Sunday school? Grab some plastic eggs and Puffy Paint Writers and let' make some Easter crafts.

– Puffy Paint Writers
– Yarn
– Plastic Easter eggs
– Scissors
Puffy Paint Writers are by far one of my favorite craft tools. I love them on beads, milk jugs, Easter eggs and more. It is so easy to add polka dots or flowers to any project. I make my flowers with 3 colors. I start with a single color dot for the center.
After my center dot is in place I go around the center making more dots with another color Puffy Paint Writer. Lastly, I make a tear drop shape for a leaf.
Allow your paint dots to dry completely.
Display your eggs in a bowl, in an Easter basket, on a wreath or close the plastic eggs over some yarn for a super easy banner.

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