Glittered Heart Napkins

Wahoo! It's almost time to celebrate Valentine's Day and I have to admit something to you. I am not really a fan of the actual holiday BUT I am a fan of the colors involved with this holiday. Who doesn't love loads of pinks, reds and whites! Today I will show you how to make glittered heart napkins. These can be used for a table setting, a gift, a place to put your favorite things on or a dish towel. The ideas are endless! 

Let's go make some glittery napkins, y'all! 

What you'll need:
The color pink is greatly related to hearts and Valentines Day so I figured it would be the best color to use in today's project. 
These Hot-Fix Glass Crystals are amazing! You simply place them on the fabric, lightly put a piece of fabric on top then place the iron on top for about 45 seconds. Voila! It's not fixed to the fabric. 
1. Begin by unfolding your fabric napkin.
2. I googled "heart" and printed out a small outline of one. The size you print will depend on what you plan on putting the heart on.
3. Carefully cut it out.
4. Place the heart cut out on top of your Tulip glitter sheet and outline as many as you need. 
Cut them out with a good pair of scissors. 
Place them where you want on your fabric. 
Cover with another piece of fabric then place the iron on top of hearts. Hold iron in place for about 50 seconds. Every iron is different so you might only put it down for 30 seconds depending on the heat settings. You will know when it's done by looking at it. You can also lightly touch the heart and you will see if it's stuck to the fabric. 
The instructions are also located on the back of the pack. 
Once your hearts are done place the beads where you want, then iron. 
Once I finished my hearts and beads I outlined all of the hearts with my pink dimensional fabric paint. I love this color!
I think orange would also be a great color to use for hearts. I mean "orange you glad I told you that"... 
I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial! See you in the next post!
 Huge glittery hugs, JADE
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