Aleene's® Paper Glaze
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How to use Aleene's® Paper Glaze

1. Squeeze Paper Glaze onto desired area. For a thin application over a larger design area, a brush may also be used.

2. If adding beads or glitter, sprinkle onto area while wet. Let dry to a clear finish, overnight if possible.

3. If desired, add an additional layer of Paper Glaze and let dry. Note: Dry time will depend on the amount of Paper Glaze used.

4. Remove excess Paper Glaze with a damp paper towel.

Tips & Techniques

1. Use it straight out of the bottle to instantly enhance a store-bought card or other paper project with a high-gloss shine that looks great by itself or even more dramatic when used to set beads or glitter.

2. Use Paper Glaze to outline preprinted motifs, draw your own freehand designs or use it with rubber stamps to create a watermark on paper. For added interest on a card, try outlining some motifs with Paper Glaze™ and leave some plain.

3. You'll find that Paper Glaze actually enhances the color of paper by brightening it.

4. When you're covering a large or solid area, use a brush to apply Paper Glaze.

5. For a fun, creative project that also makes a great gift, apply Paper Glaze on a plastic pen (it's best to work in small sections at a time) and sprinkle with seed beads. Let dry and lightly brush Paper Glaze over beaded area.

6. Let Paper Glaze dry completely on paper before touching or moving it.

7. Adding Glitter & Beads: To add single beads or gems to a design, squeeze drops of Paper Glaze on surface and secure bead or gem in place. Let dry. For more solid coverage of beads or glitter, squeeze Paper Glaze in design area. Working over foil sprinkle beads or glitter over Paper Glaze. Lift and carefully shake off excess. Touch up areas where needed. Let dry. Brush on Paper Glaze as a topcoat.

8. Creating a pattern: Mix Paper Glaze and acrylic paint. Brush mixture to cover completely. Drag a scrub brush through paint using pressure, creating the desired pattern. Let dry.

9. Lettering: Use a disappearing ink pen to mark ruled lines and write letters. Cut off tip of Paper Glaze at an angle, creating a tiny hole. Squeeze out Paper Glaze over lines of lettering. Let dry. Mix Paper Glaze and acrylic on foil. Using a flat brush, apply paint mixture to surface. While still wet, use a tissue to lightly remove paint to show raised lettering. If desired, use a cotton swab to remove paint here and there on lettering. Let dry.

10. Stamping Off: Mix a small amount of acrylic into Paper Glaze. Brush a liberal mount onto card stock. Use a rubber stamp in wet Paper Glaze. Pull off immediately, leaving a stamped impression in the Paper Glaze.