Tulip® Glitter Spray Paint
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How to use Tulip® Glitter Spray Paint

1. Prewash fabric, do not use fabric softener. 2. Protect work area. Lay fabric flat. 3. Shake bottle and spray on fabric. Let dry. 4. Machine wash separately after 72 hours using mild soap; line dry. 5. Some glitter shake-off during laundering is normal.

Tips & Techniques

Suggested fabrics: Cotton, poly/cotton blends, synthetics, denim, canvas, knits and fleece. Avoid using high pile fabrics or fabrics with a nap such as velvet. To prevent clogging, afer use clean spray nozzle with warm soapy water. You can also pull off the very top part of the spray nozzle and rinse out the inside to prevent any paint from drying inside the nozzle piece. Overapplication may result in puddling and a sheen when dry. Use Glitter Spray with stencils to create glitter motifs. Using masking tape is a quick and easy way to create your own designs. Simply mask off the design area, apply Glitter Spray and remove tape. For more intense sparkle, hold bottle closer to garment. For less sparkle, hold bottle further away. For a gradation of sparkle, begin with a heavy coat of spray in a targeted area, using increasingly less spray as you continue to move across the design.