Tulip® Fabric Markers®
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How to use Tulip® Fabric Markers®

1. Prewash fabric to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener. Markers work on most fabrics; test before using.

2. Shake marker well.

3. Insert shirtboard or cardboard between layers of fabric.

4. Draw or write with markers directly on fabric. No ironing needed. Dry flat overnight.

5. Wash in warm water, gentle cycle with mild soap after 24 hours; line dry. Do not dry clean.

Tips & Techniques

Markers work on most fabrics and are fade-resistant; can also be used on wood, leather and other natural fabrics.

Fine bullet tip is perfect for writing, doodling and creating detailed designs.

Ultra-fine tip is ideal for extremely detailed designs and fine accents.

Chisel tip makes big, bold lines on fabric; perfect for color saturation and making bold designs.

Brush tips make medium-sized lines on fabric; ideal for broader coverage and stenciling.

If tip of marker becomes dry, dip in water to reactivate.

Create watercolor effects by brushing water onto fabric then applying color, or after applying color to fabric, before color has dried. While color is still wet, other colors can be blended into design to create shading and new colors.

Fabric Markers work great with stencils.

Can be used to add color to stamps and pressed onto fabric.