Little Black Heels Designer Challenge

We gave our designers a challenge this month in honor of New Year's!  They were asked to turn a plain pair of black pumps into a glitzy pair using just a few of our favorite Tulip products! We love how each black pump turned out so different!

Each designer was given an assortment of Tulip 3D Paints in gold & silver, a 5-pack of Tulip Fashion Glitter, Tulip Fashion Glitter BondTulip Glam-it-Up Iron-On Crystals in red and crystal,  and a Aleene's Fabric Fusion pen.

 Suzie Shinseki decided to add a dash of New Year's fireworks using the Tulip 3D paint and Tulip Glam-it-up Iron-on crystals!  These turned out so artful and were the perfect way to add a little sparkle to the black pumps!
Erika Lindquist added a geometric touch to her shoes using tape along with the Tulip Fashion Glitter and Glitter Bond!  Super cool and they go right along with the geometric trend we saw in DIY in 2013! See the full tutorial for these shoes here: Geometric Glitter Heels DIY.
Pattie Wilkinson a.k.a. Pattiewack made these cool leopard-inspired pumps using the squeezable Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond and Fashion Glitter!  They turned out so striking and cool! Get the full tutorial here: Leopard Print Glitter Heels

These scalloped heels from Lauren Moritz are understated, but totally cool! Plain in the front, but they definitely make a WOW statement in the back using the Tulip Fashion Glitter.  See the full tutorial here: Glitter Scallop Heels DIY.

Which pair is your favorite? 

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January 15, 2015