Rest easy with a little love

Rest easy with a little love

A pillow can be more than what you rest your head on to sleep on night. Why not use it as an excuse to get a little creative? With some unique ideas you can transform your fluffy pillow into something else entirely.

It may not seem like it with six more weeks of winter, but graduation season will be here before you know it. Whether it's your own child receiving a diploma or a close family friend, you'll want to be prepared with a nice gift to help them commemorate the achievement. Give the graduate a pillow and some Tulip® Fabric Markers™ so their friends can sign their names and leave sentimental notes or memories on the fabric.

Get well
Is one of your good friends under the weather? Though a card might help to let your pal know you're thinking of him or her, consider making a "Get well" pillow instead. This thoughtful gesture will almost certainly improve anyone's spirits!

Tooth fairy
When children are young, there are few things that are more fun than believing in fictional characters like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. One person who may be a little underrated is the tooth fairy. She comes while they sleep to leave a little surprise under their pillow. The pain of losing a tooth doesn't have to be a burden if your little ones have a pillow to store the prized possession in. Help them create a pillow of their very own for the generous fairy. Before bedtime they can place the tooth in their perfectly crafted pillow and anxiously wait until morning when the reward arrives.

Valentine's Day
Are you one of the many people nervously scrambling to find a perfect gift for your significant other on the day of love? If chocolates and candy hearts don't seem like enough, don't worry - there are other options! Give him a pillow to cuddle up with when you're not around. Do the two of you have a meaningful phrase that symbolizes your relationship? Add it to the pillow! Instead of doing all of the traditional gifts, get a little creative this year. A craft might be just what you need to spice things up.

Here comes the bride
On a wedding day, each person has important duties to fulfill. The maid of honor needs to make sure the bride stays calm and the best man needs to be there for the groom. The ring bearer has one of the biggest responsibilities. A personalized pillow for the day might help the little man take his tasks very seriously. The couple can keep the pillow as a memento to remember one of the happiest days in their relationship.

It's a boy! (or girl!)
Few things are more special than bringing a new life into the world. If one of your good friends is welcoming an infant into the family - it's time to celebrate! You could go with the little onesie that the baby will grow out of quickly or your could give a gift that will last. Create a pillow with loving messages that can be placed right in the newborn's crib. The little one might even keep this soft sentimental object until he or she is much older.

With these tips you can make a pillow for almost any occasion!