Hold a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt decorating party

Hold a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt decorating party

March is the bridge month from winter to spring, which comes with its fair share of dreary weather, but also has plenty of fun in store when St. Patrick's Day rolls around. If you're looking for an engaging party theme this year, why not throw a t-shirt decorating party? This bash will keep your guests entertained throughout the evening and they will leave with a fabulous memento of your time together. While you don't want to inhibit anyone's creativity at your crafting extravaganza, keep a few of these design ideas in mind to give your guests some inspiration.

1. An Irish theme. Since everyone is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day, you can help your friends create a dazzling homage to the holiday. Start by providing them with Tulip® Fabric Markers™ and Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™ to create a fabulous backdrop for illustrations and text. This will also give them the ability to draw the Irish flag, shamrocks or any other designs that remind them of the holiday.

2. A sports theme. Professional sports teams around the league have begun to create green St. Patrick's Day versions of their uniforms that they wear for games during the holiday. This is a great opportunity to allow your guests to create their own version. Give them access to your computer and printer so they can print out their favorite team's logo and stencil it onto the shirt. Your friend may end up creating a much better version than what his favorite team sells each year!

3. Add suspenders. Novelty shirts are all the rage nowadays, and some of the most popular designs recreate the look of accessories that aren't there, like ties, suspenders and bikini tops. Since rainbow suspenders are a regular sight at St. Patrick's Day parades all around the country, consider providing the full spectrum of Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint™. This will let your friends design a whole range of novelty designs and open up their style choices significantly.

St. Patrick's Day is one of the few reasons to look forward to the month of March, and it's a welcome break from the damp weather of early spring. This year, you can skip the green beer and enjoy a wild night of fun with your friends, and you'll have a few new pieces of attire to show for it!