No Sew Potato Stamped Tooth Fairy Pillow

This has been a really hard week for me. First my son turned 3 on Monday and then my daughter loses her first tooth on Tuesday. Not only was I not mentally prepared for either I was also ill prepared when it came to a tooth fairy pillow. My poor child had to put her tooth in a plastic Ikea container under her pillow for Pete’s sake. Not acceptable in a crafty household. This situation had to be rectified before anymore teeth were lost.

– Craft felt - magenta, orange & aqua
– Tulip Soft Fabric Dye - White
– Paint brush
– Potato
– Tulip Soft Fabric Paint - Black and White
– Batting for pillow
– Carving knife
– Fabric Fusion Glue
– Scissors
– Clothespins
– Ruler
– Scribbles Paint - Teal
– Sponge
– Paper towels
Something about St. Patrick’s Day always makes me want to carve a potato stamp. Most people get in the mood to carve say a shamrock I decided to carve a tooth. The first thing you want to do is cut your potato in half. I drew my tooth image onto the potato with a pen. It didn’t leave an ink mark, just an indention. Next I went out and cut out the excess around my tooth. Remember what you want to show up in paint you leave. Blot your stamp with paper towels to absorb excess moisture.
Applying your paint with a sponge brush or in this case a sponge filled with paint is the best method. Squirt your paint directly onto the sponge.
Carefully ink your stamp and get busy. You may want to apply two coats so that your tooth is more vibrant. Do this to two sheets of felt and allow to dry completely. Also, stamp a small square of orange felt.
After your paint has dried mark one inch in all the way around on the inside (unpainted) side of your felt.
Using Fabric Fusion Glue make a thick line on 3 edges of one side of felt. Place your other sheet of felt (wrong side to wrong side) on top. Allow the glue to dry completely.
When your glue has dried stuff your pillow in the one open hole. Add another thick stream of Fabric Fusion Glue to seal your pillow up. Use clothespins to hold the two sheets of felt together while the glue dries.
In theory I should have done this step before stuffing my pillow, but alas. Glue your small pocket to the one side of your pillow. I added a little face to mine. This is where the tooth will go.
Lastly, go in with scissors and cut strips almost 1” all the way around your pillow. Remember you glued your pillow 1” in so you don’t want to cut through that.
Next time Tallulah decided to pull apart her Lego’s with her teeth and the Tooth Fairy has to come to visit we will be ready!

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