A Dress to Impress Watercolor T-shirt A Dress to Impress Watercolor T-shirt A Dress to Impress Watercolor T-shirt

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A Dress to Impress Watercolor T-shirt

Designed and created by Pattie Wilkinson

Give an ordinary white T-shirt some ladylike appeal with a whimsical watercolor motif. Create this dress design that will definitely impress with Tulip® Fabric Markers® and a dampened paintbrush.

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1. Wash and dry T-shirt to remove sizing; do not use fabric softener.

2. Place T-shirt flat on work surface and insert a sheet of freezer paper inside shirt, waxy side up. Place pattern inside shirt on top of wax paper and smooth flat. Iron over the top of shirt to temporarily hold pattern in place.

3. Use the Brown Fabric Marker to trace the top of the dress form pattern onto shirt. While ink is still wet, dampen a paintbrush and lightly brush over design lines to soften.

4. Continue with the Blue Fabric Marker, tracing the bodice of the dress and adding shading along the sides, then brushing water across the bodice to blend, allowing the color to bleed.

5. Add in Green or other desired colors then brush with water to accent.

6. Continue tracing and filling in sections of skirt with Blue and Green, and brushing with water to blend.

7. Use Brown to complete the dress form stand and brush water between the lines.

8. Add the word “Dream” under dress design in Purple or desired color, then add lines of another color to accent. Brush water over wording and accents to soften.

9. Let shirt dry completely then remove freezer paper and pattern from inside of shirt.

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