Artfully Me Dye and Marker T-shirt Artfully Me Dye and Marker T-shirt Artfully Me Dye and Marker T-shirt

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Artfully Me Dye and Marker T-shirt

Designed and created by Lauri Eaton

Express your style with whimsical Zentangle art over a backdrop of bold color! Get the look with fabric markers and vibrant pops of dye. 

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1. Wash T-shirt and leave damp; do not use fabric softener. Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth and lay damp T-shirt flat on prepared surface.

2. Mix dyes in kit according to package directions.

3. Squeeze drops of dye colors randomly onto front of shirt. Allow shirt to set for time recommended in package instructions or overnight.

4. Rinse shirt under warm running water to remove excess dye. Launder shirt as suggested in package instructions.

5. Place a large piece of freezer paper waxy side up inside shirt and iron in place to create a stable drawing surface.

6. Use black Fabric Marker to draw random Zentangle-like shapes and patterns over dyed areas, using photo as a guide.

7. Remove freezer paper from inside of shirt.

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