Believe in Make-Believe T-shirt Believe in Make-Believe T-shirt Believe in Make-Believe T-shirt

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Believe in Make-Believe T-shirt

Designed and created by Lauri Eaton

Take your creativity on a whimsical adventure with a unicorn T-shirt that’s enchantingly colorful! Add shimmery stars and sparkly paint for extra fairytale fun. 

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1. Wash and dry shirt to remove sizing; do not use fabric softener.

2. Iron a large piece of freezer paper to inside front of shirt (waxy side up). This creates a stable painting surface and prevents paint seepage.

3. Trace unicorn design onto another piece of freezer paper. Use craft knife to cut out the design, leaving the outside edges intact. This is your stencil.

4. Iron stencil (waxy side down) to front of shirt. Use damp cosmetic sponge to fill in stencil area with Glacier White Soft Paint. Let dry.

5. Use sponge to dab paint over Glacier White, starting with Lime from the chin all the way down neck and onto the first lock of the mane. Clean sponge then blend Sunshine Yellow into the Lime, working the color along the center of face and neck and into the next two locks of mane.

6. Blend Mandarin Orange into the Sunshine Yellow along the top of face, working color up into the horn as shown and down the mane. Blend Azalea into the horn and down the mane and finish with Grape along the outer edge of mane. Let dry.

7. Once colors are dry, dab Sterling Glitter along the horn and mane as shown. Let dry and remove freezer paper stencil.

8. Cut out small stars from silver Shimmer Sheet. Position randomly onto unicorn design and around it. Cover stars with a thin cloth and iron in place, following package instructions.

9. Remove freezer paper from inside shirt.

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