Cartoon Canvas Ornament Frame Cartoon Canvas Ornament Frame Cartoon Canvas Ornament Frame

Materials List

Cartoon Canvas Ornament Frame

Designed by Kathy Cano-Murillo

Create this beautiful Cartoon Canvas Ornament Frame with Tulip® Beads In A Bottle Paint

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1. Fold the canvas inhalf and cut your desired shape through both layers. This will be the front andthe back of the frame.

2. Cut the cardboard tofit about 1/4 inch smaller.

3. Take one of thelayers, and cut out an inside area. This will be the front of the frame.

4. Take the cardboardpiece, add a row of Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glueto the back, Smooth itout with your finger and affix it to the second piece of canvas.

5. Apply Aleene’s® OriginalTacky Glue™  to the Inside edges of the first piece of canvas and affixto the front of the cardboard, but leave the top two inches unglued so apicture can easily be slid inside. Let dry.

6. Color with Tulip® FabricMarkers.

7. Use Tulip® Beadsin a Bottle Paint™ to add dimensional highlights all over the front of the frame.Let dry.

8. To make your framehangable, flip it over, backside up, and add a drop of Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glueon eachside at the top and press the strand of ribbon into the glue. Let dry.


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