Favorite Destination State Ornament Favorite Destination State Ornament Favorite Destination State Ornament

Materials List

  • Tulip® Fabric Markers®

    C1 Multi 12 Pack (26662)
  • Miscellaneous

    •   Set of travel-themed rubber stamps
    •   Small piece of scratch paper
    •   Cotton batting
    •   (2) 5” squares of muslin or other plain cotton fabric
    •   Decorative straight pin (with a heart)
    •   Needle and thread OR sewing machine
    •   2” Piece of ribbon – coordinating color

Favorite Destination State Ornament

Designed and created by Angela Daniels

This fun little travel memento is perfect for commemorating a favorite trip, a birth state or even a state on your visit wish list! With just a few basic craft supplies and a set of Tulip® Fabric Markers®, you can make this state road map ornament in just a few minutes and way within any crafter's budget.

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1. Sketch out a favorite state on a piece of scratch paper. Cut out to use as a pattern on fabric.

2. Use state cutout to cut state shape out of muslin or cotton fabric.

3. Use Tulip Fabric Markers to color stamp details – this gives you the option of blending colors to get a custom look you can't get from a stamp pad – then press onto fabric state cutout. Remember to ink a front side for the front of your ornament and a backside for the back of your ornament.

4. Stitch the front and back of state together, adding a loop of ribbon at the top of the state to serve as an ornament hanger. Stuff with a small bit of cotton batting before stitching completely closed.

5. Add a few accent stamped muslin pieces to ornament with decorative straight pin. In the example, the word "Road Trip" was stamped on a small rectangle of fabric and pinned onto the state ornament.

6. Using the Fabric Markers, add color to the accent pieces.

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