Festive Flower Vase Festive Flower Vase Festive Flower Vase

Materials List

Festive Flower Vase

Designed and Decorated by Kathy Cano-Murillo

Give your flowers a colorful home! Creative this festive vase with Crafty Chica Mojito Papers and Paint Packs, and don't forget to add lots of colorful embellishments like beads, ribbons and crafty little charms!

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1.  Clean vase; let dry.  Cut strips of paper 7" L by 5/8" W narrowing at the ends to create points.

2.  Apply glue to backside of papers and apply to vase in each section, press down.  Continue process with each piece of  paper, until vase is covered as desired.  Let dry.

3.  Paint around top edge of vase and bottom (we used pink at the top and green at the bottom).  Let dry.

4.  Cut beads to fit around top edge of vase.  Adhere to vase with Liquid Fusion.  Gently tape down to secure to the edge until the glue dries.

5.  Wrap bottom with ribbon and attach charm.

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