Fluffy Fun Easter Bouquet Fluffy Fun Easter Bouquet Fluffy Fun Easter Bouquet

Materials List

  • Aleene's® Crystal Clear Acid-Free Tacky Spray™

  • Miscellaneous

    •   Excelsior
    •   Pot – terra cotta – 4” high and 4 ½” across top
    •   Scissors
    •   Egg shape craft foam (5) - 2 5/16" x 3 1/6"
    •   Newspaper
    •   Metal ruler
    •   Cone shape craft foam
    •   Tissue paper – lime
    •   Yarn – 5 colors of thick fluffy yarn – 3 to 4 yards each
    •   Lollipop sticks – 8”
    •   Ribbon – lime – ½” wide

Fluffy Fun Easter Bouquet

Designed by Debbie Rines

Create an Easter bouquet of fluffy fun! All you need is Aleene’s® Crystal Clear Tacky Spray™ and yarn in your favorite springtime colors to transform foam eggs into a charming centerpiece for Easter brunch or dinner!

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  1. Cover work surface with newspaper. Using Aleene’s® Crystal Clear Tacky Spray™, lightly spray one piece of lime tissue and fold in half. Cut a strip 4” x 11”. On one side, cut deep “V” shapes out to create a grass-like edge, but leave at least 1” up from bottom edge intact. Refer to photo. Spray Tacky Spray along the bottom edge of tissue paper and wrap around pot, aligning tissue edge with bottom of pot. Refer to photo.
  2. Cut ribbon long enough to wrap around the bottom of the pot and overlap slightly. Spray the back with Tacky Spray and attach around bottom edge of pot, on top of tissue. Refer to photo.
  3. From remaining lime tissue paper, cut 5 strips of tissue that are 1½” x 8”. Spray one at a time with Tacky Spray and roll (sticky-side down) around each lollipop stick.
  4. Spray about ½” of the tip of the lollipop stick and push inside the larger end of the egg.
  5. Pull 3 to 4 yards from the yarn ball so it is easier to work with when attaching to the egg. Cover the stick with paper and heavily spray the entire egg with Tacky Spray. Immediately begin wrapping the yarn around the egg, starting at the stick end. Continue to quickly wrap in a spiral until the egg is covered. Cut off excess yarn. Repeat process using a different color of yarn on each egg.
  6. Lay the leaf pattern on the tissue paper and trace around it with a pencil. Cut out ten leaves, to the inside of the pencil line so it will not show when finished.
  7. Cover the leaf shape and spray the remaining stem area. Wrap this area (sticky-side down) around the stick until only the leaf sticks out. Pinch the center of the leaf to create a vein and to give dimension. Attach 2 leaves to each stick.
  8. Use a metal ruler to cut off the smaller end of the cone-shaped foam until it fits into the pot and fills all space. Trim edges with ruler if necessary. The flat top area of the cone should be about ½” below the top edge of the pot. Use Tacky Spray to spray around the lower area of the cone then press it down into the pot. It should be a very tight fit.
  9. Gather the excelsior into a nest-like shape that fits on top of the foam and about even with the top of the pot. Spray the underside of the nest with Tacky Spray and press.
  10. Push the sticks into place to create a bouquet of eggs.


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