Happy Jack T-shirt Happy Jack T-shirt Happy Jack T-shirt

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Happy Jack T-shirt

Designed and Created by Suzie Shinseki

This happy-go-lucky Jack O’Lantern sits contently on a bright yellow tee and awaits his big debut on Halloween. Start by making the bold orange pumpkin with Tulip®  One-Step Dye and give him life with Tulip® fabric spray paint and dimensional paint.

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1. Enlarge pumpkin pattern. Use pencil to trace onto piece of freezer paper. Use craft knife to cut out areas as indicated.

2. Press tee to smooth.

3. Lay pattern on lower part of tee at an angle and lightly trace around perimeter with chalk pencil.

4. Cover work surface with disposable plastic table cover. Prepare dye as directed and pour some into small plastic container.

5. Insert shirt board into layers of tee.

6. Use 4” paintbrush to brush inside perimeter with Orange dye keeping in mind dye will spread. Saturate color. If desired, dab a few small dots around pumpkin. Cover with plastic table cover and let set 6-8 hours.

7. Rinse, wash and dry tee according to dye package instructions.

8. Position pumpkin stencil and iron in place. Place old newspapers around pumpkin to mask off remaining areas of tee.

9. Spray with Asphalt fabric paint. Let dry.  Spray a second time if desired. Let dry. Remove stencil. 

10. Use Silver dimensional paint to add details to stem, tendril and segment lines on pumpkin and around pumpkin as desired. Let dry.


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