Hopeless Romantic T-shirt Hopeless Romantic T-shirt Hopeless Romantic T-shirt

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Hopeless Romantic T-shirt

Designed and created by Lauri Eaton

Show your Valentine you care with a T-shirt that says it all! A special screen-printed message over vibrant shades of pink make it easy to wear your heart on your tee.

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1. Wash T-shirt and leave damp.

2. Mix Fuchsia dye according to package instructions. Pour mixed dye into plastic shoebox container.

3. Dip bottom of damp T-shirt into dye repeatedly, varying the amount of shirt you put into the dye. When desired color intensity and gradient is achieved, hang shirt on a hanger over surface cover and allow dye to set for time recommended in package instructions.

4. After dye sets, wash and dry shirt according to dye package instructions.

5. Print out word graphic and use to burn a print screen following package instructions.

6. Once print screen is ready, screen word graphic onto shirt front using Ebony Soft Fabric Paint included in kit. Immediately remove screen and clean, and let paint dry.

7. Use fine-tip marker to trace heart graphic onto back of gold hologram transfer sheet. Cut out with scissors.

8. Place heart in desired position over screened graphic and cut away any small sections that overlap the words. 

9. Place thin cloth over hologram heart and iron in place, following package instructions.

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