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I Heart Ewe

Designed by Suzie Shinseki

Even our furry friends could use a little fashionable fun! Create this shimmery cape for your four-legged friend of a larger size with Tulip® Fashion Glitter™ and Tulip® Fashion Graffiti™ Stencils™.

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  1. Cut four or five lengths of 6” strips from red fabric. Stitch ends together to create one long piece.
  2. Press raw edges ¼” under on both top and bottom along length. Stitch.
  3. Use sewing machine to sew a gather stitch along one side and pull gather together. Set aside.
  4. Fit gathered red strip along the edge of black twill, with gathered section of strip just under edge of twill. Pin in place then stitch together.
  5. Measure a length of red fabric approximately 6” wide to fit around neck of cape with 4” to 5” overlapping on both sides. Fold in half along length, right sides together, and stitch a ¼” seam down the entire length. Turn right side out and press. Center strip to neckline so excess fabric is even in length on both sides. Pin to cape and stitch in place.
  6. Tuck raw edges in on each end of red collar and stitch. Fit Velcro strip for closure.
  7. Lay plastic tablecloth or protective sheet on work surface. Lay cape out flat.
  8. Position Bleeding Heart stencil from package on cape and tape in place to keep from shifting.
  9. Pour a puddle of Glitter Bond onto a piece of foil. Using the flat end of sponge, dab glue into stencil. Immediately sprinkle red glitter on top. Using cardstock, place over glittered stencil and gently press glitter into stencil to set. Remove stencil carefully and continue stenciling and glittering over cape as shown. Let dry.
  10. Shake off excess glitter onto a piece of scratch paper and pour back into bottle for reuse.
  11. Use Fashion Art Tweezers to position crystals on cape. Adhere with Heat-Setting Tool according to package instructions.
  12. Adhere black trim along edges where black and red fabric meet using Fabric Fusion. Hold in place with tape and let dry. Remove tape.


  1. Cut out one 3½” circle and two 2½” circles from cardstock.
  2. Spray circles with Tacky Spray and attach pieces of red fabric. Repeat for reverse side of circles. Trim excess fabric around circles.
  3. Glue plastic discs or buttons around both sides of circles with Fabric Fusion. Squeeze Fabric Fusion around rim of discs/buttons and sprinkle with corresponding color of glitter. Let dry.
  4. Create a star in center of each circle with Fabric Fusion and place a charm in center, then sprinkle silver glitter over remainder of star. Let dry then brush off glitter. Repeat for reverse side.
  5. Glue crystals in centers of discs/buttons. Let dry.
  6. Punch small holes on top of each medallion and insert jump ring. Attach to chain of choice and embellish with charms as desired. Tie ribbon on ends of chains to tie around neck and horn of ewe.

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