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Notes from the Heart

Designed by Pattie Donham Wilkinson

Recycle an empty tissue box into a Cupid-approved Valentine’s mail box with the help of a lot of imagination and some Aleene's® adhesives! Get creative with doodles using Scribbles® 3D Paint for a personalized and handy place for kids to receive greetings and treats!

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Valentine’s Box

1. Measure tissue box and cut white cardstock to cover sides and top. Adhere cut cardstock pieces to box with Aleene's® Crystal Clear Acid Free Tacky Spray. Cut out opening in top.

2. Cut red tissue paper into ½” x 7” strips. Tie a knot in end of tissue strip and wrap remaining tissue around knot and secure with Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue® creating a small “rose.” Repeat to create several “roses.” Adhere tissue roses to white card stock to create a heart shape. Refer to photo.

3. Use marker to add doodles and love thoughts. Create contrast by tracing over select doodles with Scribbles® Dimensional Fabric Paint. Let dry.


1. Crumble up red tissue paper. Apply glue sticks to cardstock and smooth crumpled tissue over cardstock. Cut out hearts from tissue-covered card stock. Write Valentine’s message on cardstock side of heart.

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