Rainbow Connection Rainbow Connection Rainbow Connection

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Rainbow Connection

Designed by Suzie Shinseki

Take a trip around the Duncan® Oh Four® Organic Vase and over the rainbow with Concepts® Underglazes! Watch the colors dance on the sides offering a new view at every turn!

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  1. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.
  2. Pour approximately ½ cup of Pure Brilliance® in a clean container.
  3. Add some water to dilute to a thin, nonfat milk consistency.
  4. Pour into vase and roll around to coat sides. Pour out excess into container.
  5. Pour a puddle of Light, Medium and Dark Sapphire on palette leaving a nice space between each.
  6. Paint a Light Sapphire segment. Use Liner to make a nice line along the ridged area. Paint in the wider areas using the No. 10 Round. Skip over the next two segments and repeat going around the vase.
  7. Using the Liner brush once again, paint Medium Sapphire along the edge next to the segments with Light Sapphire. Continue around vase.
  8. Paint the remaining segments using the Dark Sapphire. Let dry.
  9. Finish by painting all the sections with two more coats of the three colors. Let dry after each.
  10. Test flow of French Dimensions Pure White on paper towel. If difficult to squeeze out, you may need to insert a pin in the opening and/or warm bottle by placing under a lamp or warming with your hands.
  11. Make a series of dots up and down the raised ridges of vase with the Pure White. Let dry.
  12. Using Fan glaze brush, apply one coat of the diluted Pure Brilliance over entire vase including the bottom of the vase. Let dry.
  13. Stilt in kiln and fire to witness one 06.

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8/18/2011 4:26:52 PM

2 techs in one!!!

I love the way you gave us 2 techs in one for the rainbow connection. The color selection is rainbow and the instructions use the 3 new sapphires. Great Idea!!!!!