Santa’s Little Helper T-shirt Santa’s Little Helper T-shirt Santa’s Little Helper T-shirt

Materials List

Santa’s Little Helper T-shirt

Designed and Created by Lauren Mortiz

The small and mighty Christmas elf comes alive with some Tulip® fabric paint and a green tee! Add all the fun details and your can elf yourself in no time!

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1. Using painter’s tape, tape out zigzag shape of collar around neck of shirt.

2. Across entire tee, tape off a 2” tall area for belt about one-quarter up from bottom of tee.

3. Paint collar with Crimson Red fabric paint and belt with Chocolate fabric paint. Let dry then remove tape.

4. For the buttons and collar points, using chalk pencil, trace the bottom of the Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint bottle for perfect circles. Paint with White and let dry. Paint over White with Sunshine Yellow. Let dry.

5. Trace the candy cane and hammer onto cardstock. Cut out pieces with scissors and position onto tee on the side of the belt and trace with chalk pencil.

6. Paint the candy cane White, the hammer base Brown and hammer top with Silver Metallic. Let dry.

7. Using Leaf Green dimensional paint, paint stitch marks along edge of red zigzag collar. Paint buckle on belt with Yellow dimensional paint.

8. Use paintbrush to paint Crimson Red stripes on candy cane. Let dry.

9. Use White dimensional paint to add detail lines on hammer


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