Shapes and Shades Shapes and Shades Shapes and Shades

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Shapes and Shades

Designed by Allee Marderosian

A simple tee is transformed into a colorful new jacket thanks splashes of creativity and Tulip® Fabric Spray Paints. Use geometric shapes to create a look that’s a little bit tribal, yet with a techno edge.

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1.  Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth.  

2.  Insert Tulip® Fashion Form inside shirt.

3.  Use painter’s tape to mask off a triangle shape on shoulders and a diamond shape in the center of shirt.

4.  Spray taped areas with Asphalt fabric spray paint. Use paper towels to help avoid overspray. Let dry.

5.  Remove tape.

6.  Mask off a large “V” shape under the black center diamond and on the upper portion of the shirt. Refer to photo for guidance.

7.  Spray masked-off areas with Hawaiian Fizz fabric spray paint. Let dry.

8.  Remove tape.

9.  Tape second “V” shapes under both blue areas. Refer to photo.

10. Spray taped areas with Neon Pink fabric spray paint. Let dry.

11. Remove tape.

12. Cut shirt down the middle front. Sew in a full zipper.

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