Shoot for the Stars Galaxy T-shirt Shoot for the Stars Galaxy T-shirt Shoot for the Stars Galaxy T-shirt

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Shoot for the Stars Galaxy T-shirt

Designed and created by Pattie Wilkinson

When it comes to creating fashionable new looks, shoot for the stars! Turn an ordinary black T-shirt into your very own galaxy with bleach and a mix of coordinating dye colors. 

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1. Wash and dry shirt to remove fabric sizing. Note: Washing out the sizing will better allow the bleach to penetrate shirt fabric for a more intense design.

2. Cut a piece of surface cover to fit inside T-shirt.

3. Cover work surface with remaining portion of surface cover and lay shirt with plastic inside on surface cover.

4. Mix a 50/50 solution of bleach and water in spray bottle.

5. Pinch shirt front between thumb and forefinger, and twist until entire shirt is twisted into a spiral.

6. Lightly spray spiraled shirt with bleach solution. Allow bleach to remain on shirt until desired lightness is achieved. Spray again if desired for more effect.

7. Once shirt achieves desired bleached effect, immediately run shirt through a complete wash cycle. Leave shirt damp.

8. Lay damp shirt out on covered work surface. Mix One-Step Dyes according to package instructions.

9. Apply each dye color to a different area of your bleached design. Allow shirt to set for time recommended in package instructions or overnight.

10. Wash and dry shirt as recommended in dye package instructions.

11. Lay shirt out flat on covered work surface. Spray lightly with Snow Fabric Spray Paint to create “stars.” Let dry completely.

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