Trendy Tartans Trendy Tartans Trendy Tartans

Materials List

Trendy Tartans

Designed by Cheryl Ball

A day in the pasture calls for a romper that’s trendy and tartan! Your four-legged friend will gallop with glee wearing a little plaid number made runway ready with Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion™ and Tulip® fashion appliqués and stencil.

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PLAID COVERS (adding designs on both sides is optional):

  1. Measure width of animal from center of each side and length down back of animal. Cut plaid fabric to fit, adding 1” on all sides for hem.
  2. Fold over edge of fabric ¼” and iron then fold over and iron again to create a finished edge. Sew hem in place on all four sides.
  3. Cut ribbon into fourths then sew a section to back of each corner of cover.


Crown Cover:

  1. Open Large Queen Iron-On Fashion Design package and cut off crown design. Peel off plastic backing then press crown in center on one end just up from hem where shown. Cover with pressing cloth then iron in place following package instructions. Let cool then peel off backing sheet.
  2. Iron Fleur-de-lis Appliqués on each side of crown following package instructions. Repeat steps on other side of cover if desired.


Royalty Cover:

  1. Remove backing from stencil. Press on surface. Squeeze glacier white fabric paint onto foil. Tap sponge in paint, tapping off excess on foil. Dab in openings of stencil spelling "Royalty". Let dry.
  2. Iron a Fleur de Lis Iron-On Fashion Design on each side of crown, following package instructions.




  1. Measure around and length of neck.
  2. From black sweater, cut the neck circumference plus 2” for hem by length plus 2” for hem.
  3. Fold over 1” along a cut side then use Fabric Fusion to glue into place, holding with low-tack masking tape until dry if needed. Repeat with other edges. Let all dry. Cut several lengths of hook-and-loop tape then glue along edge for closures. Let dry.
  4. Use wire cutters to cut chains and jewelry to desired lengths. Use needle and thread to sew in place in center front, along top edge. Refer to photo.
  5. Headband: Measure around head then cut red sweater to fit, adding 2” for overlap at ends and 1” along sides. Glue cut edges to back then glue hook and loop for closure. Let dry.

Miscellaneous Notes

You will need multiples of: Tulip® Glam-It-Up!™ Iron-On Fashion Design™ Fleur de Lis (4) & Large Queen Pack (2) Tulip® Iron-On Appliqués™ Fleur-de-lis (4)

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