Wicked Bat Tote Wicked Bat Tote Wicked Bat Tote

Materials List

Wicked Bat Tote

Designed by Kristen Thompson

Look wickedly cool this Halloween sporting around a spooky tote! Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™, Tulip® Iron-On Designs™ and Tulip® Iron-On Studs™ join together for a frighteningly fun creative experience!

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  1. Place contact paper over bat template and trace with felt pen. Place contact paper on cutting mat and cut out bat design with craft knife.
  2. Cut another piece of contact paper big enough to fit the size of the tote. Place bat cutout in middle of tote-sized contact paper. Trace around the bat, leaving a 1” gap in between bat and tracing. Remove bat cutout.
  3. Trace around new bat tracing two more times, leaving a 1” gap in between each.
  4. Label each layer “1” through “4,” with the inner layer being “1” and the outer being “4.” Place on cutting mat and cut out each layer with craft knife.
  5. Remove backing of bat cutout and press onto the center of the tote.
  6. Remove the backing from stencil No. 2 and apply to tote, making sure to leave a 1” gap between it and the first bat stencil.
  7. Remove backing from stencil No. 4 and press onto tote, again leaving a 1” gap in between it and stencil No. 2.
  8. Cover work surface with Tulip® Surface Cover™. Place tote on covered surface and cover straps and areas of tote not within stencils with paper towels.
  9. Spray Asphalt Fabric Spray Paint™ into stencil areas. Use paper towel to gently dab off any excess color that may have puddled on the stencil with a paper towel. Remove stencil and let dry.
  10. Follow instructions on packaging to adhere “Wicked” Iron-On Design™ onto center of bag.
  11. Position purple Iron-On Studs™ along the inside edges of bats. Use Cordless Heat-Setting Tool™ to adhere studs in place according to package instructions.

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