Wise Ombre Owl T-shirt Wise Ombre Owl T-shirt Wise Ombre Owl T-shirt

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Wise Ombre Owl T-shirt

Designed by Pattie Wilkinson and created by Kristen Thompson

From head to toe, this friendly owl exudes sparkling color thanks to Tulip® Fashion Glitter®! Create this adorable ombré look by overlapping your glitters in a bold display of neon colors. 

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1. Trace pattern onto a piece of freezer paper. Use craft knife and cut out stencil over cutting mat.

2. Place stencil on T-shirt and set into place with an iron.

3. Insert a T-shirt board/cardboard inside shirt and place on a flat work surface.

4. Visually divide the stencil into small five sections, one for each color, and mark it on the side of the stencil for reference.

5. Squeeze a generous amount of Fashion Glitter Bond onto paper plate/foil.

6. Using craft sponge, apply Fashion Glitter Bond to the top section of the stencil. Shake your first color of Fashion Glitter. Tap off excess and repeat if needed.

7. When applying the remaining colors, lightly apply adhesive overlapping the bottom portion of the previous color. Then shake new color overlapping the bottom section and then into the new section. Overlapping the colors is what will help you achieve the ombré look.

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