Rainbow-Drip Tie Dye Shirt

Tie dye season is upon us and here at iLoveToCreate we are bursting at the seams with tie dye ideas to do with our Tulip One-Step Tie-Dyes!  I for one, just love the look of dripped dye and wanted to combine it with my love of all things RAINBOW!  I had been tie dyeing some projects for my niece and had some leftover dyes that I wanted to use up, so this makes the perfect stash buster project to use up all that dye!  Let me show you just how easy it is!

What you need:
Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye kit - Super Big (this kit contained the rainbow of colors I was going for)
– Water pitcher
– 100% cotton shirt (I used one I had gotten a stain on)
– Plastic surface cover or tablecloth (Note - I didn't use it, I just tie dyed on the grass, cause there's really no harm in it and it's pretty much mess free!)
– Optional: Plastic bag or freezer paper to put inside shirt so it won't bleed to the back side (I chose to let mine bleed)
NOTE: One of the important aspects of this process is that you DON'T wet your shirt before you begin. Most tie dye projects work best if you wet the shirt and can absorb the dye, but not this one.  I actually wanted the drips not to soak in!

But first, the easiest first step in all of crafting  history...lay the dry shirt flat on the ground.  
Next, fill up your bottles of dye or use your leftovers (day-old dye works great for this).  Now start slowly dripping your color from the bottom in small and medium drops.  You'll get a hand for it as you go.

Do the next color in color order.  In my example, I went in the following order up the shirt:  Yellow, Orange, Fuchsia, Purple, Violet, Blue, Turquoise, Green, and Lime.  You can use any color combo you want and in your own order, this personally just worked best for me!
Here's what it looked like when I was finished dripping!  I was pretty excited.  After this I sandwiched it between to trash bags to let it set!  I let it set for 6 hours, then rinsed it out until the water runs clear. I then put it in the washer on a light load with a small amount of soap and dried it for 15 minutes!
And this is the final result once I was done with everything! So cool!!! Now, the dye did drip to the back and I don't really's tie dye after all.  OK, technically, it's not "tie" dye, but tie dye sounds so much more cooler than just dye, so I insist on using it!

Here's a pinnable graphic for you if you'd like to pin it!

Now to decide if I want to wear it as a shirt or turn it into a pillow!  Decisions, decisions.
Looking for more fun tie dye ideas, visit our Tulip Tie Dye Your Summer site!  Loaded with tons of awesome ways to get your tie dye on this summer!
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