Single Ladies Chocolate Boxes

Valentine's Day and all the smooches and gooey lovey-dovey stuff involved can make single people barf. And anti-Valentine's thoughts can get a little bitter. So I thought I'd come up with a happy medium. I call these Single Ladies Chocolate Boxes - celebrating being single and loving it. I've been married for 23 years, but have friends who are still looking for that special someone, so this is dedicated to them!
Treat yourself to your own dang box of chocolates and the best part is you don't have to share! Make a set and pass them out to your single friends and all of you can indulge together! Maybe it will help hold you over until your soulmate finally arrives. 
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Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate
Fun foam
Scissors, pencil
Trace the top of the box onto the fun foam and cut out the heart shape. Write your saying on the foam. NOTE: Practice first for spacing! Let dry for an hour or so.
Do the same for the Tacky Sheet. Peel off the backing and place on the box top. Peel off the top protective sheet and place the foam on top. Make sure to line it up evenly.
Once you are done, trim all the excess off the edges. If you want, you can line the sides of the boxes with pretty scrapbook paper. Or you can just rip into the chocolates...
Pass them out to all the single ladies and gents and enjoy your sweets together! If you want, you can replace the chocolate with trinkets, etc.

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