Aleene's Tacky Dough Faux Porcelain Roses

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  1. Make dough

    Bread Dough Recipe

    • Remove crust from the bread slice, and discard crust.
    • Tear bread into small pieces and put into a disposable cup or bowl.
    • Add 1 tablespoon of tacky glue. Mix with craft stick until well blended.
    • Divide into thirds to make three different colors.
    • Add a few drops of acrylic paint to each batch. Mix with craft stick, and then knead in your hands until it becomes the consistency of fine clay. Keep bread dough in plastic bags to keep it from drying out while you make the project.

    To create flower:
    Take a pinch of dough and roll it into a ball. Flatten the ball into a flat circle. Roll the circle to into a cylinder to form the center of the rose.

  2. Create petals

    Take another pinch of dough and roll it into a ball. Flatten the ball into a flat circle. Shape the circle into a petal. Press the petal to the center of the rose.

  3. Add more petals

    Continue to make petals and add to the rose until it is the size you desire.

  4. Finish rose

    Pinch any excess clay from the bottom of the rose. Roll the excess clay into a ball and flatten it. Press a spiral paper clip into the clay. Place the clay rose over the paper clip and press it gently into the excess clay to encase the clip. Set aside to dry.

    Repeat the process until you have enough roses on clips to form a bracelet or necklace. Let the clay roses dry overnight.

    Join the rose clips together with jump rings and add clasps to complete.

    Note: Clay objects made with this recipe can be glued to all types of projects, such as frames, buttons, journals, boxes, and scrapbook pages. Adhere them to any hard surface with white tacky glue, adhesive dots, or hot glue.