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A Rainbow of Color Pillows

Brighten up your sitting areas with a set of vibrant tie-dye pillows! Achieve an abstract wash of colors using the dip-dye technique. 



1. Wash pillow covers and leave damp. 

2. Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth then lay out pastry racks on top if desired. Tip: Placing items on pastry racks while dyeing helps to prevent colors from pooling into each other.

3. Mix desired dye colors from kit according to package instructions. Pour each into a separate plastic container. Colors used in this project: red, orange, yellow and green.

4. For red and orange pillow, scrunch pillow cover horizontally. Holding it in the center, dip approximately one-third into orange dye. Wearing gloves included in kit, squeeze out excess dye.

5. Dip opposite one-third into red dye and squeeze out excess. Keep fabric scrunched and lay out on pastry cooling rack while dye sets.

6. For green and yellow pillow, scrunch cover horizontally. Dip one end into yellow dye and squeeze out excess.

7. Carefully unscrunch pillow and dip one opposing corner into green dye.  Squeeze out excess and lay out on rack.

8. Allow covers to set for time suggested or overnight.

9. Rinse each cover under cool running water to remove excess dye.

10. Wash separately according to package instructions and allow to air dry.

What you need:



  • Washing machine
  • Disposable plastic tablecloth
  • (3) Silk pillow covers
  • Plastic shoebox sized containers (enough for each dye color selected)
  • Large pastry cooling racks (optional)

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