“We make it easy to experience creativity.”

iLoveToCreate®, a Duncan Enterprises Company, is a privately-held, family-owned, Fresno, California based company that has been a leader in the ceramics arts and crafts industries since 1946.

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Erma Duncan - Founder Erma Duncan

Women go everywhere and do everything now, up to and including training as astronauts and being seated as a Supreme Court Justice. Their achievements are not lessened by recognition of the fact that the pioneering efforts of previous generations of women have made their way easier. One such pioneer is Erma Duncan, founder of Duncan Enterprises [now called iLoveToCreate].

Bob Duncan Bob Duncan

The career history of Robert E. Duncan, better known in Fresno as Bob Duncan, is synonymous with Duncan Ceramics [now called iLoveToCreate]. It is the story of a garage-based family hobby, which became the largest hobby ceramic product manufacturing company in the world.

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