Picture of Around the World Bowl

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Around the World Bowl

Turn your crafting world upside down and create a clever and creative pedestal bowl made from a simple thrift store globe. Aleene’s® Max Tacky Adhesive and Collage Pauge Instant Decopauge make it easy and fun. 



1. Using craft knife, carefully divide globe in half at equator.

2. Create hole in northern hemisphere top at 30-degree line.

3. Place southern hemisphere equator side down on table, place southern hemisphere atop matching up the hole with 30-degree line on uncut piece. Apply Max Tacky inside hole along cut edge to affix both halves back together. Let dry completely.

4. Flip bowl right side up. Rip or cut pieces of silver tissue paper into approximately 3” x 4” pieces. Apply inside bowl using Collage Pauge and foam brush. Layers as needed to cover inside of globe completely. Apply a top coat of Collage Pauge. Let dry.


  • Globe
  • Craft knife
  • Foam brush
  • Silver tissue paper

Designed By: