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Whether you have snow or sunshine these days, know that spring will arrive. Get ready by making some of these artful garden markers! You can make them with classic names get a little punny like I did!

What you need:

Duncan Bisque Medium Garden Marker

Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes for Bisque: Really Red, Bright Purple, Bright Caribbean, Neon Green, Bright Butternut

Duncan® French Dimensions™: Black Licorice, French Kiwi, Really Red, Neon Blue, French Straw

Pure Brilliance® Clear Dipping Glaze

Duncan SB 811 No. 8 Round Brush

Duncan SB 807 No. 6 Fan Glaze

Mechanical pencil, eraser

Use a pencil to draw and write your design and words on the marker. Here are some ideas: Aloe-lujah; lettuce pray; love grows here; peas be with you; turnip the volume; talk dirt-y to me; my grass is greener; stop and smell the flowers; let the good thyme roll.

Gather up all your favorite Duncan Concepts Underglaze colors!

Pour some color into a paint dish and stir with the paint brush so it is nice and creamy.

Evenly coat with the color. Use three coats, and let dry between each one. 

Now it's time to give them life by adding Duncan French Dimensions! Shake each bottle, so the color moves to the tip.

Carefully write your phrases and draw accent designs.

Let them dry completely! 

You can tell this one is still wet, but I loved the picture! You can tell when the French Dimensions is dry because the colors will fade. Then it's time to sponge on three coats of Pure Brilliance on the front and back. Let dry between each coat. Stilt in your kiln and fire at Cone 06.

After you remove them from the cooled kiln, use a nail file to sand down the stilt marks. Then they are ready to use!

They make such a fun addition to your plants or garden!

This one is my favorite!

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