Autumn's Finest Flower Hand Drawn Marigold Mugs


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Fall has always been one of my favorite times of year. I like the colors of orange, gold and red but I especially like the fall flowers. Mums and marigolds have long been my favorite flowers. Seeing a flat of the pretty orange buds I was inspired to make some mugs that would match the season of my fave flowers. 

Using your breath to move the paint around is a lot of fun and makes this a unique project with different results for every mug you make!

What you need:

Creating marigolds is very simple using Painted by Me ceramic markers. Simply draw a somewhat wonky circular shape.

...and blow to make the shape blur and spread into a more marigold-like shape.

If you experience issues where your shapes don't want to spread, depress the marker nib down to make more ink come out and try again. The juicier the shape the better the spread. A straw really, really helps but isn't strictly necessary.

Continue placing your marigold shapes around the middle to top portion of your mug and allow to dry completely.

Making sure the nib of your marker is quite moist make quick dabs near the faintest portion of your marigold shapes. Carefully blow to stretch the dots out to look like marigold petals.

Use a green marker to connect the marigold shapes in sections to near the bottom of the mug. It's easier to do if you think of them like balloons being held together. The lines don't need to be straight or perfect.

Go around the bottom with green dots randomly placed.

Since Painted by Me Markers are food safe when used with Painted by Me mugs we can draw on the insides too. Isn't that super nifty?!?

Push the nib on your green marker down to make it very wet. Draw leave shapes inside of the mug and allow the excess ink to run down to create the leaf stems.

Once you've drawn all of your leaves move the pooled ink around with you green marker and cover the bottom.

Put your mugs in a cool oven and heat to 375 degrees. 

Allow the heat to set the ceramic paint for 40 minutes.  Turn the oven off and allow the mugs to cool with the oven before removing.

If you find you rather enjoy blowing the paint around you can also make splatter mugs! Sticking with my theme of fall colors this mug was a ton of fun to make!

And it looks particularly manly, really!

These lovely mugs are unique and so simple to make. If you can make dots and lines you've got the required skill-set to rock these lovelies out!

I made a set of two mugs  because everything is better in pairs!

And now we can enjoy the fall weather with some cheerful fall flower mugs!

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