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This Father's Day, instead of giving your dad a tie or ugly golf club covers, show him you care by giving him a gift he will WANT to recieve. These coasters are not only fun and functional, they look super stylish. It only takes a few minutes to make him a set. Here's how you can DIY some for your rad dad!

What you need:

Aleene's Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive

– 6x6" cork squares

– bike chain

– bike chain link-cutting tool

– scissors

– pencil

– container/circle pattern (for tracing)


Before you begin:

You will need a pattern to create your coaster circle.  We suggest creating one from cardboard or foam, then wrapping your chain around to make sure it fits before you start your project and cut any cork or chain.  

Trace your circles onto the cork.  We were able to get two coaster designs up on one 6x6" square.

Cut out your circle design with your scissors.

Wrap your chain around to make sure it correctly fits and to also measure where you will be cutting your chain.

Use your bike chain cutting tool to remove your chain link.

Add a string of Aleene's Ultimate Adhesive around the entire circumference of the cork circle. Let the glue set for 2 minutes before applying chain.

Wrap chain around edge of cork.  The chain should grip nicely to the cork material.

Clasp the two open chain links together to close your design.  Set aside to let fully dry.

Dad will definitely be impressed by your innovation and the definite cool factor of these coasters! We made two coasters but from the supplies above you can make up to four.  Hope you and your dad have an awesome Father's Day together!

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June 08, 2015

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