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Cowboy Bunny Easter Eggs

This year, I didn't want to make another traditional Easter egg!  Instead, I used some baby black hats on hand and decided to give my plain plastic eggs an Old West feel. LOL!  Here's how you make your eggs "The Cowboy Way".
What you need:

– Plastic Easter Eggs
Tulip Dimensional Fabric paint in black and coordinating egg colors
– 2" Oval Top Hats
– White craft foam
– Scissors
– Small liner brush
– Scrap paper

Make your pattern: Draw and cut a small pattern for your bunny ear on a sheet of scrap paper.
Trace the ear to a piece of craft foam and cut out two pieces of foam for each ear.
 1) In the center of the ear, use a paint brush to spread a little Tacky Glue inside.  2) Now apply the Tulip Fashino Glitter on Top and shake off.  Let dry. 3) Use the black Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint to Draw on the eyes as shown.  4) Now use the coordinating egg color of paint to make a nose.
5) Finish off the face with a mouth and little eye details. Let the paint dry thoroughly. 6) Glue your ears to the top of your little cowboy hats. 7) Squeeze a small line of glue along the bottom of the hat. 8) Now press the hat on top of the egg. Place in an egg carton or upright to secure it in place to let the glue set.

These little guys came out so country cute!  I love that they have a lot of funny personality!

DIY Bunny Ears Pillowcase

On Christmas Eve you have visions of sugar plumbs dancing in your head, but what about Easter? Visions of Peeps and Creme Eggs perhaps? No matter what the kids will dream about on Easter eve these bunny ears pillowcases are sure to make their dreams sweeter.

– Fabric Fusion Glue
– Pillowcase
– Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
– Tulip Fabric Markers
– Felt
– Ribbon
– Scissors
– Cardboard
Using a Tulip Fabric Marker draw rabbits onto your pillow cases. You want the heads and ears to be large enough so that when the child puts their head on the pillow the illusion that they have bunny ears appears.
With Tulip fabric paint and markers color in your rabbits. Feel free to add as much or as little detail as you like. Be sure to put a piece of cardboard inside your pillowcase so that the paint does not bleed through to the other side.
Once the paint has dried go in and add details like felt hats, flowers in the bunnies hair or highlights. I attached my felt with a combination of Fabric Fusion sheets and liquid.
When the pillowcase is dry make the bed and display your bunny pillows. The kids will look like they have bunny ears when they lay down to go to sleep.
Super cute for Easter, but fun all year long!

Striped Pom Pom Eggs

Are you decorating Easter eggs this year?  Step out from the tradition of dyeing your eggs and try these sweet wrapped creations!  There's even a little pom pom on top to up the cute factor! 

What you need:
Aleene's Tacky Double-Stick Sheets (available at Michaels)
– Plastic Easter eggs
– Variegated embroidery floss
– Scissors
– Mini pom poms (make them yourself or purchase from the store)
 Cut your Tacky 2-Sided Adhesive Sheet in half.
Now peel back one side of the paper.
 Wrap the sticky part around one half of your egg.
Make sure to get all that sticky goodness over the entire surface!
 Unravel your floss and position two threads as shown.  Having the ends in this position will keep it from unraveling, plus you can neatly hide them for a nice craftsmanship!
 Continue winding the floss around the egg. As you can see, I pulled two strands at a time to give it more of an interesting stripe effect.
Continue until you reach the top of the egg. Cut your floss and press into place.
Now do the other side using the same process. When you are finished, they will lock together like this.
 Add a Jewelry and Metal Adhesive Tab to the top of the egg. Peel off the red tab at top.
Now add your pom pom for a finishing touch. Easy peasy!
They turned out so cute and colorful.  I think I might just have to display these after Easter!


DIY - Faux Cross Stitched Shirt

I am so excited about this tutorial because I have never done any kind of cross stitching in my entire life. I know we can all shake our heads at me. I should be ashamed of myself, haha!  I like to figure out different ways to RE-CREATE things, so I thought it would be cool to show you a quick modern take on cross stitching. Don't worry, it's super easy and I know you will have fun with it.

P.S. I am doing a number in this tutorial however you can create any image you would like since the technique is mainly what I am showing you today.

Let's get started...

You will need:
*Tulip Soft Fabric Paint (you can use this if you don't have puff paint)
* Scribbles 3-D Paint
*Black Marker
*Graph Paper
Step ONE: Print out a sheet of graph paper or if you have some in a notebook get a sheet out. If you notice the graph paper has big squares and tiny ones in the big ones. I lightly drew out a number 2 with a pencil then carefully started drawing X's in the big boxes to create a number 2. 

The good news is you are using a pencil so if you make any mistakes you can easily erase. 
I downloaded the graph paper in the tutorial here. It made it super easy for the project. 
Step TWO: Once you are happy with your penciled X's grab your black Sharpie and go over them. Wondering why we are doing this? Well I am trying to show you the easiest technique to create a faux cross stitch and we will end up slipping this sucker under the shirt so black is the easiest thing to see under fabric. 
Step THREE: When you are done step back and look at it from a distance. Sometimes when you do this you will find slight mistakes and you can fix them before we start painting. 
Step FOUR: Slip the paper underneath your shirt. Now, I am using a white shirt to ensure I see my image good. I did try putting the sheet under a red shirt and I could not see it that good, yellow worked fine, light gray you can still see a little and heather gray you can't see the image. 
When you are done let it dry for a few hours. I put my shirt in the sun so it took about 10 minutes in this Louisiana weather! 
If you do not have graph paper you can still do this project. Go online and find a hollow image of what you want and print it out on a 8x10 sheet of paper. 
I wanted to make this shirt fun so I used different colors of Scribbles 3-Dimensional paint. 
There is something about these colors. They make me super happy!
Yep! I cut up some confetti for this project! Super fun and festive. I do sell these in my Etsy store! 
Voila! We have an instant birthday shirt! 
I hope you enjoyed this faux cross stitch tutorial! Make sure to share it on your social media sites so the WORLD can have their own phone cases!
  Huge glittery hugs, JADERBOMB
—See you in the next post! Visit me on FacebookTwitter,Pinterest, or Instagram!

Funny Bunny Easter Egg Craft

I love making cute crafts for kids and giving inanimate objects life!  When I saw this pink plastic Easter egg, I immediately envisioned an adorable Easter bunny. This is a great project for the little ones, but they made need some help from Mom or Dad to do some of the fine details like cutting!

What you need:

– Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond (you can also use Tacky Glue referenced above)
– Pink plastic Easter Egg
– Thin white foam
– Permanent marker
– Cutting knife like an X-acto
– Chenille stems a.k.a. pipe cleaner
– Mini googly eyes
– Scissors

Draw two dots with your permanent markers on the sides of your egg.
 Use an cutting blade to poke holes through the dots you just drew.

Cut two 4" pieces of white pipe cleaner and poke through the holes making a loop.
Add a dot of tacky glue to the back of the bunny and add your white pom pom.

Cut a little felt shape for the feet and glue onto the bottom. 
Add a little glue to two spots in the front of the egg and apply googly eyes.  I used a crayon to pick it up and apply.

Add a cute little nose and mouth using the permanent marker.
 Apply a coat of Tulip Glitter bond using a small foam brush on the exposed plastic part (not the eyes, pom pom or pipe cleaner), and shake on pink Tulip Fashion Glitter in a coodinating color.  It gives a pretty tone on tone sparkle!
Here's another cute one I made to look like a baby chick.  This is a very similar process, you just draw on the wings with Tulip Dimensional Fabric paint (a.k.a. Puffy Paint)....and you glue some yarn on top for the hair.  He's so tweet, isn't he??

Sweet Chambray Sneakers Tutorial

I love sneakers and the cheaper the better, I say. Since I go through shoes hard and fast there is no reason to spend 50 bucks on a pair of name brand sneaks that are going to be hitting pavement so hard that they are worn out in a month or so. And when I saw these cheapies over at Wal-Mart for less than $6, I knew just what to do!

For this project you will need:
Chambray Sneakers
Small and large pouncers
Awesome color shoelaces (I went with gold to match the stitching on chambray shirts!)
These cute shoes I found at Walmart for $5.87 a pair! What a deal!
First take your smallest pouncer and make a line of dots that is fairly straight from the toe to in between the lace eyelets. Continue working on the left and the right by daubing dots in between the last two in new rows. Cover the entire toe portion of the shoe.
Next bust out your large pouncer. 
And just know that if you properly care for these things they will last you AGES. When you're finished with your pounces wash them very gently (rubbing vigorously will remove the adhesive holding the sponge to the handle) in warm soap water  and rinse thoroughly. Daub onto a dry towel to remove the excess moisture as much as possible. Keep out in the open to dry (rather than tossing in a box where it might mildew) and when fully dry, it's ready for your next use!
And mimic the pattern on the center portion of the shoe.
Finish up by small dotting the back of the shoe trying to keep it as close to the curving sewn line as possible.
Let 'em dry...
...lace 'em up.
...and get to steppin'!
I've got lots more crafty goodness at my blog Dream a Little Bigger. I hope to see you there :)

Hex Nut Cuff DIY

Create a cool honeycomb design on a cuff using hex nuts with this hardware store inspired Hex Nut Cuff DIY tutorial. Turn up the chic factor even more by adding Tulip glam-it-up crystals to the centers of some of the hex nuts. 


Hex nuts (I used size #10-32)
Metal cuff
step 1
If your cuff is a little large or needs adjusting make sure you do this before adding your hex nuts.
For a metal cuff you can do this by squeezing the cuff to fit your wrist or pulling it open a bit.
Once all the hex nuts are glued to your cuff it will be difficult to adjust it.
step 2
I added my hex nuts in a bit of a random pattern to my cuff, the design is up to you. 
Aleene’s Super Gel comes with a little brush to apply the glue (this is really handy), brush the glue directly onto your cuff.
I recommend adding only enough glue for one hex nut at a time.
The glue will dry very quickly.
Continue adding hex nuts until you have the design you want.
step 3
After you’ve added all your hex nuts you can add some crystals.
Brush the glue on to the center of the hex nut where you want to add your crystal and place the crystal into the center of the hex nut.
I added a few random crystals to my hex nuts.
For more DIY bracelet ideas check out my bracelet page at Trinkets in Bloom.


Faux Faberge Eggs Made with Puffy Paint

Easter is upon us, and I decided to make some pretty faberge-painted eggs that look really upscale considering they are just plastic eggs and puffy paint!  And you just need a few supplies to make these pastel eggs - easy & cheap...I'm all about that!

What you need:
– Plastic eggs
Tulip 3D Fashion Paint in matching color as egg (the finish you select is optional)
– Small faux pearls or seed beads
– Tweezers
Shake your 3D Paint well and practice a petal design on a scrap piece of paper before you start. When you are happy with your practice designs, squeeze the petal designs onto your egg.  Make them fairly close together and add a small dot of paint in-between each flower!

Oh and work on one section at a time so that you can hold your design. Once a section is dry, you can go onto the next!
With your tweezers, add the pearls to your little dots between each flower and on a few of the petals!  This is a free-form design, so add as many pearls randomly over your painted designs!
This is what it looks like finished and unfinished! A vast improvement, I must say!
Here's a couple of my other eggs in progress!  For the green egg, I decided to use Tulip 3D paint in a pearl finish!  I love how dimensional each one of them turned out!

These would look so pretty in a dish or hanging from a tree branch!  I can't wait to display them!

Floral Puffy Paint Easter Eggs

Here comes Peter Cottontail. He is hopping down the bunny trail. Is your house ready? Do you have those eggs decorated for your kids pre-school class? Do you need a craft for Sunday school? Grab some plastic eggs and Puffy Paint Writers and let' make some Easter crafts.

– Puffy Paint Writers
– Yarn
– Plastic Easter eggs
– Scissors
Puffy Paint Writers are by far one of my favorite craft tools. I love them on beads, milk jugs, Easter eggs and more. It is so easy to add polka dots or flowers to any project. I make my flowers with 3 colors. I start with a single color dot for the center.
After my center dot is in place I go around the center making more dots with another color Puffy Paint Writer. Lastly, I make a tear drop shape for a leaf.
Allow your paint dots to dry completely.
Display your eggs in a bowl, in an Easter basket, on a wreath or close the plastic eggs over some yarn for a super easy banner.

Guilty Pleasure Hair Clips

Books, coffee and crafts are my jam. So when I came across these miniatures at the craft store, I knew I had to make them into something wearable! Click below to see how I did it!


Aleene's® Jewelry and Metal Glue Acrylic Adhesive Tabs

Assorted miniatures
Small wood bases
Hair clips
(NOTE: I have chain in the photo because I thought I was going to make a necklace too...)
Look at the miniatures and decide which ones you want to use on your hair clip. My choice was easy - books, coffee and crafting, so I made three hair clips.
For this one, I remembered I had a mini canvas. I used it as the background for the palette. I used the tabs on the wood base, then added the canvas, and then the palette.
The coffee hair clip - I wanted it to look like it was on a little tray. Hello, Tulip Fabric Markers!
Next - the tabs, then the coffee. I also found a little mini-pastry. You can easily make these with polymer clay too!
Here is the finished collection! Didn't they come out so cute? I'm going to a blogging conference this weekend, and I'm excited to wear them. Did you notice the book covers? They sure look familiar, right