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DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece

Halloween is over, so it's time to transition those decorative pumpkins to the Thanksgiving table.  I used a foam pumpkin (you can get these on super sale now), some faux fall foliage and gold Tulip Beads in a Bottle to make a rustic elegant centerpiece in four simple steps!

You will need:
Foam pumpkin
Fabric fall foliage
Tulip Beads in a Bottle in gold
Step One: Carve lid from pumpkin.  Step Two: Add glue dots to backs of leaves.  Step Three: Attach leaves to pumpkin overlapping and varying sizes.  Step Four:  Use Tulip Beads in  Bottle in gold on veins of leaves for added dimension and shine.
That's it!  You could add some crystals or glitter if you like extra sparkle.  If you want to use real flowers, slide a vase into pumpkin opening to prevent leaks or just place faux flowers into center.  This is something even the kids can do after you carve the lid!

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Feather-stamped Tee and Bag

When I was young I had a collection of rubber stamps.  The only thing I ever used them for was making cards.  However, with the I Love to Create products, I use stamps in so many different ways.  I carved this feather stamp and used it on a couple of projects here to show you how you can make use of any stamp you might have.
For the first project you need:– a plain tote
– any stamp
 The sponge pouncer is a great way to get the paint evenly onto the stamp.
I simply stamped the feather onto the tote repeated the process again and again.  Your stamp won't be perfect and each feather won't be identical, but that's the beauty of it.  I love how it looks handmade.
For the next project you need:

 I pounced the stamp pad onto the stamp several times until I could see that the stamp was well covered.
 Then I stamped it.  The stamp pads give you less-saturated color, which I really liked on the tee.  If you want something to look darker, I would recommend the paint and if you like a more hand-stamped look the stamp pads are great.
 I love how this one looks with a little cardigan.
 So don't limit your stamps to paper.  Grab some fabric paint and find something that needs a little decoration.

DIY Neon Puffy Paint Ornaments

Here's a super simple DIY holiday ornament that you can whip up in a flash that even the kids can have fun creating.  Neon puffy paint makes these bright and cheerful, but you can use holiday colors or glitter paint.  I am a big fan of low stress, high impact crafts, how about you?

You will need:
Glass or plastic clear ornaments
Wooden dowels or skewers
Remove the caps.  Slide the wooden dowels into some foam.  Slide ornament on dowel to secure while you work.
Start at the bottom of the ornament squeezing paint in small circles working from the bottom to the top.   Leave the ledge that holds the cap unpainted.
Slide ornaments into some foam to secure.  Let the ornaments dry overnight.
Make more ornaments in different colors!
 No stress, no mess. That's my kind of crafting.
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Duncan Enterprises Announces the Passing of Robert E. Duncan

Fresno, Calif. - November 12, 2015 - Duncan Enterprises regrets to announce the passing of Robert Emory Duncan, the company’s first President & Chief Executive Officer of a company that grew from a garage-based family hobby to become a worldwide leader in Ceramic Arts and Craft & Hobby products. Duncan passed away on November 11, 2015 at the age of 94.

Bob Duncan, as he’s known throughout Fresno and the industries he supported for more than 30 years, was pivotal to the development of Duncan Ceramics, a dream of Erma Duncan, his mother. Bob, along with his father, Lee, and brother, Dick, shared Erma’s passion to provide an easy means for people to experience the magic of Ceramic Arts via quality products and exceptional education. Duncan Ceramics was founded in 1946 with Bob as President and Chief Executive Officer, a position he retained until 1983 when his son, Larry Duncan, took the helm with Bob continuing as Chairman of the Board.

Read the entire news release here.