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DIY Reflective Marquee Letters

When I called my dad up and asked him if he could help me build some marquee letters he was super excited. He is my OETA, after all! Yes my 'Original East Texas Assistant' was super stoked and basically worked out the project from start to finish. I wish I could take credit for any of it but, to be honest I was the assistant this go 'round. Daddy drew up the plans, executed them and then Rob took pictures while we worked. And in the end? We're all quite pleased with our efforts that will be neat to display in my Valentine's Day decor but look awesome any time of the year!

Glitter Monogram Ornaments

If you are obsessed with glitter and all that shines like I am, you will absolutely enjoy making these super cute monogrammed glitter ornaments. And you know what?  They could not be easier to make…promise! With only a few simple steps your personalized ornaments will be ready to go and your tree will have the sparkle it deserves.

Christmas Music Candle Votives

Sometimes you want a holiday craft that requires zero fuss or artistic skills. Something simple, inexpensive, and custom. Something you can't buy in a store. Something the neighbors will notice. Well folks: This is it! Using your everyday inkjet printer and some tacky glue, you can turn your favorite holidays jams and turn them into lyrical Christmas decor you can slide on (or off) your mood lighting all winter long!

DIY Burlap Ornaments

With the holidays around the corner it is time to start thinking about this year's Christmas tree theme. Some like to keep it traditional and go with the white or gold Christmas tree, but I like to switch it up every year! This year I'm trying out a rustic Christmas tree. And what can be more perfect then these DIY Burlap & lace Ornaments.