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Crayon Tacky Glue Dough

I always love testing and playing with what my craft products and pushing to see what they can do. I was excited to find out you can actually make a hardened dough tinted with crayons for ornaments, beads, and more using Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, crayons, and some cornstarch!   This dough is perfect for making fun and durable shapes to sculpt into decorative designs or even make as initial gift tags for packages. It's just as much fun to play with as an adult as it is for a kid! 

Button Art Apple

Have you tried button art before?! If not, you need to!  It's super fun, super easy, and the possibilities are endless.  This apple is a super fun idea for back-to-school and a great way to greet that new teacher, or make yourself classroom art. You'll have a blast making it!

DIY - Lady Liberty Tote

Summer is here and what better way to tote your things around than with this lady liberty bag!?! It's a fun project to make and trust us, kids will love it as well. You can use this for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day or any other patriotic events. This is a great custom gift to give to friends and family. Here's how you make it!


DIY - Lemon Tee

WOW! Did you know that Saturday, August 20th is "National Lemonade Day"?  We don't know about you but we just love lemonade and we also love this lemon shirt. It's clean and crisp and makes for the perfect project. And it totally makes us want to listen to Beyonce too! Today we will show you how easy it is to use Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric and a freezer paper stencil technique to get this summery look!

DIY - Mint Chocolate Chip Shirt

Did you know that July 17th is "National Ice Cream Day" which means it's the perfect excuse to get a tub of ice cream and box of crafts to celebrate this fabulous day! We don't know about you but we just love any excuse to eat ice cream. Inspired by this day, we whipped up this modern mint ice cream shirt. We will show you an easy freezer paper technique to help you create this shirt. Who's ready to get started?

Glitterering Gem Mason Jars Lights

I've always been a sucker for interesting lighting. I love pieces that are conversation starters, are so unique that I often get asked where it came from and lighting that throws an interesting glow around it when lit up. These mason jar glittering lights are great for several reasons. They are solar powered so they can light up every night without needing to flip a switch. This makes them great for the outdoors. But bring them in next to your bedside table and you'll have a lovely glow with the most gorgeous colors splayed out across your nightstand. These are, by far, my most favorite mason jar craft of all time!

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Art

Since moving to Texas I've been dealt an awful lot of Texan pride. I was born here but I moved to Oklahoma when I was young so I only saw said Texas pride from a distance. Perhaps I should capitalize that... Texas Pride :) So when I was trying to figure out what I wanted my new pallet sign to say when I snagged some awesome reclaimed wood, it seemed only natural that I'd embrace that Texas spirit and plonk it right on down next to my front door. No matter what you want your pallet wood art to say, this is a super easy project that any skill level can execute well!

4 Irresistible ColorShot Resist Techniques

Happy Summer! In today's post we are going to show you 4 "resist" techniques that will change your way of crafting completely! There are so many different techniques that you can use with our Color Shot Instant Fabric Color.  The steps are really easy when doing these projects! The great thing about our spray is we offer so many different colors, so we are certain you will find one that pleases your personality! Who's ready to get started! We are! 

4 Ways to Beat the Heat with the Moody Blue Tie-Dye Kit

Wow! It's Summertime and that means it's the perfect time to do some Tie-Dying… Today we have 4 really cool techniques to show you and we know you will love them. These are perfect for any adult or kid and in the end you will have a beautiful piece of clothing to sport around! In the photos below we are showcasing our "Moody Blue Tie-Dye Kit". The colors in this kit are light and delicate and look good on anything.  Let's get started.