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Painted Flowerpot Fabric Wrap

Since we're on an end of the school year kick, let's talk about teachers. (Wait, don't leave!) Most of us have had a favorite teacher or two, whether it's in the same school year or at different times growing up. Celebrate a teacher who's inspired you (or your child) throughout the school year with a customized gift. Rather than the typical teacher mug present (although those are nice too), why not try something a little different and a lot more fun - especially because you get to make it?! This hand-painted flowerpot fabric wrap is the perfect complement to a plant - what better way to say "thank you" for helping you/your child grow throughout the year?! Grab some Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and a fabric swatch and you can have this teacher gift ready in less time than it takes to finish a homework assignment.

Custom Graduation Caps with Tulip

Whether your grad is completing high school or college, this major milestone calls for major celebration! But first things first - the graduation ceremony! Wearing a cap and gown is tradition, but that doesn't mean you can't customize the grad cap so your grad stands out in the crowd. Creating something fun and memorable doesn't have to be complicated; DIYing a grad cap that looks fab is super easy with Tulip color products! Read on for the deets on two different customized caps using Tulip Fabric Markers and Paints.

Dip Dye Ombre Dress

Graduation season is upon us, and that begs the question ... what is everyone going to wear?! Whether you're the super star grad or the proud parent, relative or friend, dressing up to celebrate is a MUST. Even if you don't have any graduations to attend this year, surely you have a reason to dress up (if not, just make up a reason)! Here's one: An ombre dip-dye dress is reason enough to head out and about ... who doesn't want to be seen looking this fab?! And luckily, this is one tie-dye look you can totally DIY whether you've tie dyed before or not (no folding or binding required). All you need is a natural-fiber dress (like cotton, rayon or silk) and a few bottles of your favorite Tulip Tie Dye color. Check out the video to see how easy it is to make your own high-fashion ombre dip-dye dress for any and every occasion.

Tulip Color Story Craft Room Makeover

Well, we've finally done it ... our craft room makeover is complete and we couldn't be happier (because that also means we're done organizing)! Woo hoo! Not only do we have a beautifully revamped space, it's also much more organized and functional. It's a place we actually want to spend time in and be creative! If you're looking for ideas to give your own craft room a face lift/organizational overhaul, here's a roundup of easy, affordable DIYs using Tulip color products that we did for our space to help get you inspired.

Spray Painted Cuckoo Clock

Obviously we've been going cuckoo for color around here, so it's only fitting that our cuckoo clock get a makeover too! Since we've been brightening up our craft room with tons of vibrant shades, we opted for one solid bold color, which added a modern vibe to such a nostalgic item. It was super easy to accomplish with the COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint we've been using for other projects in our craft room makeover. (Clearly we're on a spray paint kick - it's such an easy, affordable way to give your stuff a whole new look without spending a fortune.)

DIY Painted Rope Baskets

By now you might be able to tell that: 1) we love color around here, and 2) we're vibing on this rainbow theme we have going for our craft room makeover - even for accessories like baskets! Baskets are a great way to get organized and they're way prettier to look at than file drawers or basic plastic bins. But of course if we have things our way - and we do in our own studio - we always add more color than what you can usually find in the store. Read on to see how we kicked some simple white rope baskets up a notch with Tulip Soft Fabric Paints! 

Easy Quote Art Pillow

Accent pillows are such an easy way to add color AND comfort to any space! We don't know about you, but it seems like the pillows we end up loving cost a small fortune. Honestly, why do pillows cost THAT MUCH?! (Sigh) Luckily for us, we're big into DIYing our own stuff anyways, so a pillow is no exception. We wanted something cute and comfy to go along with our craft room makeover, so of course we decided to do a crafting quote art pillow! Read on to see how easy it was to make with Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color and Tulip Fabric Markers. No experience needed to make this pillow look like a pro busted it out!

DIY Upcycled Spray Painted Chairs

Chairs can be expensive - we all know this. Especially an entire set of chairs! While you're in the middle of giving your craft room/office/any room a makeover, you might be tempted to buy a new set of chairs to go with your new vibe; but before you bust out your credit card and blow your entire budget on chairs, get some COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint and get creative for just a few dollars. We'll show you how!

Make Your Own Wood Letter Sign

We're still working on our craft room, and aside from getting organized, we decided we needed some colorful inspiration as well. A rainbow wood letter sign with an inspirational word is a great way to brighten any space and add a little extra cheer. Plus, you don't have to be a carpenter to actually make your own wood sign! You don't even have to know how to use a hammer and nails. All you need is some heavy-duty glue and some paint; and since we had Aleene's The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive on hand, and COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint left over from our rainbow shelves - and it works on wood - we were ready to CREATE. 

Craft Room Makeover Puffy Paint Canister Labels

Part of getting organized means, well, organizing your stuff. (Obviously.) We've been organizing our craft room, which has been so helpful considering we have a LOT of products hanging around. Color coding and specially labeled canisters have made it so much easier to find the art supplies we are looking for right when we need them. What a concept, right?! Pretty jar labels always help, but we didn't want to cover up the stash of products inside the canisters so that we could easily see them when grabbing product. Enter Puffy Paint. It works on glass, it looks fun and it allows our rainbow of canisters to shine like they're meant to. Read on to see how easy it is to make your own!