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DIY Valentine Felt Letter Board

Felt letter boards are all over Instagram right now. Make your own with this tutorial in any color and size you'd like. For the base, you'll need any type of shallow tray. I used the back of a wood canvas from the craft store. The measurements in this tutorial are for a 6x6 wood canvas. You'll need to cut the wood pieces and felt to fit your frame if you choose a different base. Let's get started!

DIY Reflective Marquee Letters

When I called my dad up and asked him if he could help me build some marquee letters he was super excited. He is my OETA, after all! Yes my 'Original East Texas Assistant' was super stoked and basically worked out the project from start to finish. I wish I could take credit for any of it but, to be honest I was the assistant this go 'round. Daddy drew up the plans, executed them and then Rob took pictures while we worked. And in the end? We're all quite pleased with our efforts that will be neat to display in my Valentine's Day decor but look awesome any time of the year!