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DIY Applique Tote

I absolutely love those inexpensive blank tote bags but I'll be the first to admit that sewing fabric onto them is virtually impossible, especially if you're trying to work with detail images or words. That's when Fabric Fusion saves the day! It's strong and flexible hold makes adding the word "Shine" to this DIY Applique Tote super easy and fun.

Geometric Succulent Wreath

I love crafting with dowels because they are so darn inexpensive. The base of this wreath is one you can easily customize to your personal tastes or for an upcoming holiday. With succulents being just as hot as geometric designs in the DIY world it seemed a good idea to put the two together for one fabulous all seasons wreath!

Embroidery Hoop Ornaments DIY with SugarBee Crafts

Are you looking for a fun and easy Christmas project? Look no farther! These ornaments are the perfect combination of cute and crafty. You will love making them and your friends and family will want to steal them! All you need is Tulip Dimensional Paints and a few other items. Watch our friend Mandy of make them below! This is the perfect project to do with a group! So invite all your friends for a winter craft day! 


Neon Puffy Paint Ornaments DIY

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your tree that’s bold and bright this season, all you need is some Tulip Dimensional Paints a.k.a. Puffy Paint and some glass bulb ornaments. These paints are super vibrant and will add a fun pop of color to your holiday décor.  The cool thing is they are fun to make whether you are 3 or 93!  So grab the kids and make these holiday ornaments (and create some memories at the same time!

Puffy Paint Personalized Ornaments DIY with SugarBee Crafts

If you’re looking for a super easy way to check off all the names on your gift list, consider making some personalized puffy paint ornaments using Tulip Dimensional Paint a.k.a. Puffy Paint.  It’s something your friends and family will cherish year after year when they open up their ornament box to decorate the tree and the cool thing is that you can make them for like 50 cents a piece, so it won’t break  your holiday budget! In the video below, our friend Mandy of shares how to make them in minutes…you only need a few supplies.

Glittered Wine Glasses

Looking to add a festive touch to a special occasion? Bring on the glittered stemware! Most thrift and dollar stores carry inexpensive wine glasses in a variety of shapes and sizes - pair with Tacky Glue and your favorite glitter for unforgettable entertaining accessories your guests will be sure to love! 



Wooden Front Door Organizer

If I don't have some place to put something the very moment I walk in the front door, I'm going to lose it. The number of hours I've spent searching for my purse, or keys, or sunglasses might very well astound you. It didn't take long for me to figure out I needed an organizer of sorts and I purchased a set of drawers and a coat rack that have served me well through the years. 

But now that Rob and I are sharing a home it isn't working out quite as well and since our new space can be a bit awkward we're rocking the drawers and coat rack on different walls so things are spread out. I decided to take ready cut boards from the hardware store to make a new wall organizer that would meet our specific needs. We now have an area just for our mail (which seems to get lost constantly), two sets of keys, a little shelf for our sunglasses and hooks for our jackets, my purse and our dog leashes. In the end, I'm happier with this decorative yet functional bit of wall decor than I ever would have imagined!