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ColorShot Lace Shoes DIY

Wedding season is upon us, and whether you're part of a wedding party or just attending the wedding after party, the shoes you'll be wearing are oh so important. Comfort is key if you're like me and will be spending the entire evening on the dance floor, but who wants to sacrifice cuteness for comfort?! Break tradition this wedding season with cute shoes that are uber comfortable ... like this pair of lacy-looking Chucks. Read on to see how easy it is to take a pair of comfy kicks from casual to chic with Tulip ColorShot and a swatch of lace.

How to Glue Wood to Glass - Simple Cactus Terarriums

I'm really getting int indoor container gardening but I have a few issues that's keeping me from getting at it full force... First of all I am fairly famous for my black thumb among friends and family. Secondly, my cat Marla eats any plant that comes into this house and many can be poisonous to kitty.

I was pretty excited to realize that Marla keeps succulents and cactus alone so I can have them wherever I please in the house! I've only killed a few so far and my success ratio is pretty up there! To celebrate I bought a handful of cacti and set about making them an awesome terrarium to call home!

How to glue Paper onto Wood : Boho Clip Boards

Howdy Friends, it's Jaderbomb here showing you how to create some rad clip boards to add flavor to any space! I love clip boards because you can put so many things on them like pictures, notes, love letters or a grocery list! The one thing I love about this project is you can use decorative paper that matches your personality! Who's ready to get started, I am!!!!

How to Glue Fabric and Paper onto Metal: Colorful Boho Can Organizers

Hey everyone it's Jaderbomb here with a really fun project! Today I will show you how to turn ordinary metal cans into colorful boho containers to store so many things in! Just for the record this is a kid friendly project and that is always a plus. Hopefully you will be so inspired and never throw away your cans of corn and peas again, hehe! Let's get started!

Time for Wine ColorShot Graphic Tee

It's no secret around these parts that I am a huge fan of wine ... Red wine, to be exact. I love the color (red and all of its variations - my favorite!), I love the taste, I love all of the cool glasses you can sip wine from ... You get the point. So, imagine my excitement when I heard that National Wine Day is May 25! Yes!!! One way to celebrate is by declaring your love of wine to the whole world on a fun graphic tee (that you can wear everyday, not just on National Wine Day). You can make your own in the time it takes to have a glass of wine with Tulip® ColorShot® Instant Fabric Color and a freezer paper stencil.