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Glitterering Gem Mason Jars Lights

I've always been a sucker for interesting lighting. I love pieces that are conversation starters, are so unique that I often get asked where it came from and lighting that throws an interesting glow around it when lit up. These mason jar glittering lights are great for several reasons. They are solar powered so they can light up every night without needing to flip a switch. This makes them great for the outdoors. But bring them in next to your bedside table and you'll have a lovely glow with the most gorgeous colors splayed out across your nightstand. These are, by far, my most favorite mason jar craft of all time!

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Art

Since moving to Texas I've been dealt an awful lot of Texan pride. I was born here but I moved to Oklahoma when I was young so I only saw said Texas pride from a distance. Perhaps I should capitalize that... Texas Pride :) So when I was trying to figure out what I wanted my new pallet sign to say when I snagged some awesome reclaimed wood, it seemed only natural that I'd embrace that Texas spirit and plonk it right on down next to my front door. No matter what you want your pallet wood art to say, this is a super easy project that any skill level can execute well!

4 Irresistible ColorShot Resist Techniques

Happy Summer! In today's post we are going to show you 4 "resist" techniques that will change your way of crafting completely! There are so many different techniques that you can use with our Color Shot Instant Fabric Color.  The steps are really easy when doing these projects! The great thing about our spray is we offer so many different colors, so we are certain you will find one that pleases your personality! Who's ready to get started! We are! 

4 Ways to Beat the Heat with the Moody Blue Tie-Dye Kit

Wow! It's Summertime and that means it's the perfect time to do some Tie-Dying… Today we have 4 really cool techniques to show you and we know you will love them. These are perfect for any adult or kid and in the end you will have a beautiful piece of clothing to sport around! In the photos below we are showcasing our "Moody Blue Tie-Dye Kit". The colors in this kit are light and delicate and look good on anything.  Let's get started.

Striped Espresso Shimmer Cotton Dress

Today we will be celebrating Chocolate Eclair Day which is Wednesday, June 22nd. I am not sure what I fell in love with more... this beautiful DIY dress or the Chocolate Eclair's! I can't express to you how easy this dress is to make, plus it's perfect for the Summer! You can add a pop of color to dress it up or wear delicate silver and gold jewelry to bring it down a level! Honestly I would love to wear some neon pink tights and knee boots with this baby! Who's ready to see how to make it... Let's go!

DIY Cityscape ColorShot Shimmer Tee

I don't know about you, but I love big cities! There's something so enchanting about the skyline and high-rise buildings against a sky lit with shimmering stars. If you can't hang out in a big city all of the time, you can still channel the vibes with a cityscape tee! Check out how easy it is to make your own with a freezer paper stencil and Tulip® ColorShot® in Silver Shimmer.

12 Father's Day DIYs Any Dad Will Dig

Father's Day is just a few weeks away, so now's the perfect time to start planning how you're going to celebrate the special guy in your life! Even if you're stumbling upon this post a few days before Dad's big day, this list of awesome Father's Day DIYs contains easy-to-make projects that can be done and giftwrapped within 24 hours. Look at you, being all crafty AND efficient! Your dad will be so proud!

Easy Popsicle Stick Art

What is is about wooden popsicle sticks that makes everyone want to craft up something fun? But hold on to holiday ornaments my friends, this is a project you will want to hang on your wall year round! Using regular pantry-grade food coloring and Aleene's glue, we can make a sophisticated art piece that is as easy as it is impressive. It feels summery. It feels coastal. It feels AWESOME. Want to make one? Come on now!  

Giant Tissue Paper Flower Chandelier

You can buy paper party decorations in every shape and size, and you can find flowers in every variety, but there is nowhere you can buy a flower this BIG. It is enormous. And if you hang one in the center of the room, everyone will know it's time to celebrate! Even better: hang it up year round. Floral lovers the world over will be impressed by this easy, beautiful, one-of-a-kind flower! 

How to Glue Metal to Wood - DIY Triangle Shelves

Looking to fill our walls and tabletops with handmade items we've started our focus on the bedroom first. It's definitely the coziest of all of the rooms and I love that it's getting so much of our design attention. So far in that room we've made a wood shim starburst mirror and wood and glass cactus terrariums that you can get the tutorials for here at iLoveToCreate. Now I'm so pleased that we're bringing metal, wood and geometric awesome-ness all together to start decorating the main wall in our room.